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Does 4 to the door really work?

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  • Does 4 to the door really work?

    What is 4 to the door? This refers to take two 2" ID truckmouned carpet cleaning vacuum hoses to the front door of your job site. At that point "Y" then together to a single 2" ID vacuum hose. What this does is the same thing as the performance as if you move your vacuum waste tank to that first point of restriction. So if my job was used 150 ft of hose and the first 50 ft was dual vacuum hoses inside the job site and 100 ft of single 2" vacuum hose, my truck mount will perform with similar results as a 100 ft hose length. The lining of the hose creates friction. Air is also spongy and flexible. This is how it is possible for an air compressor to squeeze air into small tank and then the reverse it true under a vacuum. For example if you take a two gallon pump up sprayer and fill it with one gallon of water and the pressurize it. The majority of the 'squeeze' is in the air and not the liquid. So the longer my vacuum hoses the less performance in air flow with added length. Think about traffic on the highway. If I have four lanes of traffic at 30 miles and hour and the cars are all bumper to bumper. Now squeeze the lane to 2 lanes with cement walls. If I want to process the same number of cars per minute on the road I will have to double my speed for each car. The problem is all the cars can only travel as fast as the slowest car. Not enough room for passing. So if the cars start scrapping the edges of cement wall the center cars will have more trouble getting to the destination. The air molecules on the sides of the vacuum hose do not travel as fast as down the middle. The further in the middle you are the easier you can travel. So how big of deal is this? It is small. This really is important on long hose runs (over 200 ft). Under 200 ft I would not think it would be worth the trouble to set up. What a lot a carpet cleaners dry to do is take a lot of small improvements so combined it makes a difference. This is like the difference between a single jet tool and double jet tool. The double jet tools jet passes through less air space an impacts the carpet with more force using the same water pressure. This might be a 5% improvement. The 4 to the door might be a 5% improvement. What ever might be a 5% improvement. Using a truckmount over a portable might be a ___% improvement. Prespraying with an injection sprayer over an pump up sprayer might be a ____% improvement. Using a power wand might be a ____% improvement. By themselves not that big of a deal, but combined could be huge.

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    Many combined, small improvements , to make a big deal!

    This is exactly what we do here at V-TECH...make many small and/or large improvements for an overall increase in performance.

    Testing these improvements are vital to us, so as to insure that the improvements are not having some negative adverse effects in other areas of performance....sometimes, negative effects can not be avoided, but if the positive effect FAR out weighs the neg...we will consider ALL things and then decide on whether or not to proceed with that improvement.

    GREAT analogy/s in that post Donald!

    Thank you,