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  • Truckmount fuel hook up

    Question: If I purchase a 18Hp or larger truckmount where does the fuel come from or stored?

    Answer: Customer have a few options if they are purchasing an 18 Hp truck mount or larger.
    1. Purchase a fuel tap kit and use the vehicle fuel system to supply the fuel if the vehicle uses unleaded fuel to drive on. These can be expensive and might also require a supplemental fuel pump to transfer fuel from the vehicle tank to the truck mount. Fuel tap kits can make the fuel gauge quit working in some rear cases.
    2. Use a pressure washer, boat, or marine grade fuel tank. When possible place outside of the trailer tongue.

    Naturally if you have to place the tank on the inside of a work van, please place in an area that is easy to get to to fill. Filling fuel tanks inside of vans is supposedly dangerous because of possible static spark. This is one of the reasons most tanks are made from aluminum or plastic to reduce this chance. I am not sure what generator tanks are made of but I figure steel and should be filled from a plastic fuel transfer tank and not directly from a pump nozzle. The spark issue is only going to be a problem in low humidity environments.
    When you have a tank on the inside of the vehicle you will have fumes from the fuel. When you place on a tongue of a trailer you have to make sure you either use an aluminum tank or a plastic tank that is inside of a tongue tool box to protect it from flying rocks.