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Hornet Stack TruckMount 25hp

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  • Hornet Stack TruckMount 25hp

    I love the look of this Truckmount I wonder if anyone can tell me about it, ie how much fuel per hour it uses, how long does it take to get to maximum heat and how long will it stay at 250 for, maintenance how easy for the non mechanically minded, also can it be shipped to the UK? and any other information that you may find relivant.

    BTW My name is Shaun Ashmore I'm a carpet cleaner from the UK


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    truckmouned carpet cleaning machine heat

    The temperature is based on the size of jets and the flow rate (how often you squeeze the trigger)
    All 25 hp truckmouned carpet cleaning machine use about 1.2 gallons per hour (4.2 liters)
    Warm us is done as you prespray with an injection sprayer at half throttle with your injection sprayer
    After you finish prespraying the engine goes to full throttle and then you are ready to rinse.
    Maintenace on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the is easiest this machine rate at about a 3.75 (slightly easier than the average truckmount)