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reconfiguring a homeade truckmount/portable

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  • reconfiguring a homeade truckmount/portable

    Greetings this my first post on the forums. Very informative! Anyway my question is: I currently run 3-3 stage vac motors in a series[pretty good lift but lacking cfm]. Currently run this off of 2 cords. I just bought a 6500 watt generator to run my machine. I want to add some extra vac motors to improve performance. Probably will go with 2 more Ametek Lamb 5.7 [what I currently have] which I see you sell for just over $100. I usually run less than 150' of 2" with 25' of 1 1/2" whip on the end. Sometimes use a slow speed RX-20 but usually just the wand. I believe my generator can handle up to 2 more vac motors if I want them. Any suggestions on how to config. would be much appreciated! Since I can handle a total of 5 3 stage motors would keeping my 3 in a series and adding 2 more in a series mounted parallel to the other 3 be the way to go?
    My other option is I have a old Prochem 18 hp in my shop that needs work but could probably get running for less than $1200. My electric has auto pump out and fill and use Little Giant propane for heat.

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    Adding more vacuum

    One of the things you will find with electric vacuum motor, the more the merrier. No matter how you use them, they will improve your vacuum. Your best performance is when you use them evenly. For example if you already have 2 vacuum motors in series, then these two should be in series and then this pair is parallel with the original series pair. Please look at the Goliath portable carpet cleaning machine vacuum set up as an example. It is set up this way. Because of the vacuum configuration, it can clean with 200 ft of 2" vacuum hose and this with quad 2 stage. I designed my first truck mounted carpet cleaning machine this way after considerable amount of testing on dry time and hose length performance over 30 years ago. I used quad 7.2" diameter 3 stage vacuum motors on my first truck mount. The electric drier plug would handle all the vacuum and the 5th pump and burner cord was thrown to the port or garage. I would clean with over 300 ft and this truckmount was a strong as any gas units. Even if you set up an even vacuum system in a quad dual series pair and want to add a fifth vacuum motor, it does not matter if you hose mount it, machine mount it or exhaust mount it. You will experience some improvement.

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      I do have another option for longer hose runs. I own a dual motor Powrflite 20 gallon wet dry vacuum. It has around 200 cfm. If I were to tee off my 2" hose and hook up the wet dry vac in addition I think I would be up around 320 cfm and around 300 of water lift. Unless I am missing something this would be the cheapest way to get decent performance. Also was thinking about putting a auto pump out in the tank of the wet dry vac. What do you think? Thanks very much.


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        shop vacuum booster for carpet cleaning

        the problem you will find on the power flite dual motor shop vac is the low inches of water lift.
        I think it is about 88 inches. If you have one in stock, I think you should try it just because of the low investment for the test. This shop vac has two 2 stage vacuum motors in it in series mount configuration.

        I do like machines that are auto fill (or direct connect pressure feed) and auto dump. Lifting buckets of water gets old fast.

        Powerflite dual vac motor shop vac
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        Shazaam triple vacuum shop vac
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        Add pump out to your machine
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        Add auto fill to your machine
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