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    Question: I have a detail shop attached to a group of dealerships. My question is why can't i buy a stationary carpet extractor?...I have No need for portability but I fdo have a need for the power and durability of a truck mounted unit....we are depreciating the mobile carpey extractors at far too high a rate...they are not made for our continual use or multiple users...I have unlimited water supply...and unlimited electrical power...the cars come to us....we have no need for portability at all....but we do need high continuous heat, high cfm, hish water lift of suction....I can't be the only business man with this idea...what can Steam Brite sell me to address this need? I can get stationary commercial vacuums...just not extractors! (that I can find)

    Answer: We can custom make what ever you want including but not limited to stationary equipment.
    First of all let us look at some aggressive cleaning machines:
    How much pressure do you want? Do you want a system that cleans with the 100 psi (building pressure - open spray tools), 200 psi (internal spray tools),
    400 psi (continuous flow tools), 2000 psi for engine and exterior cleaning too?

    How much heat do you want? Use your normal hot water from you water heater (100 degrees), boosted heater (140 degrees), intense heat (165 degrees), or live steam (212 Plus)
    How do you want to heat the water? you can take your hot water and boost it with a heat exchanger, You can boost with a heat exchanger and electric heating system, you can heat the water with natural gas, propane, kerosene, diesel fuel, bio diesel.

    Vacuum system: How many cars do you want to clean at the same time? Do you want a vacuum system to be electric or gas powered. Did you want to use centrifugal vacuum or positive displacement. Centrifugal cost less to purchase but each vacuum motor only runs for about 1000 hours then needs to carbon brushes and then runs for a second 1000 hours. Then you have to replacement them. Positive displacement systems gulp the air and do a great job of running long hose runs but custom more up front and last 15,000 hours.
    An example of a dual wand cleaning system with intense heat using centrifugal vacuum at 500 psi

    and example of a natural gas high pressure system
    We still have to add vacuum to the systems above

    example of a electric heated systems

    example of a vacuum recovery system with auto pump out
    This vacuum system above would vacuum for 6 hand tools cleaning at the same time.

    Some car washes already have large vacuum systems on site and only need to combine the vacuum they are already using with boosted water pressure and temperature and the correct hand tool.

    Here is an example of a system that was made for a train station