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Little Giant Heaters VS Cart System

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  • Little Giant Heaters VS Cart System

    Question: question the little giants do you have in stock or do you have to order it. and how long to delivery it to me. and second question what are dim on the cart system and is the the equipment mount to the cart. thank you

    Answer: Hello,
    All Giant factory is here in Orange Texas so I really do not have to stock them. Rather they just ship direct to you for me. You can expect delivery one week after you place the order. In most case it takes them about 24 to 48 hours to fill the order and it is on the road to you.
    Nobody uses the cart system on the cart because it is too heavy. The coils hold a lot of water when not in use. To use the cart, would require a ramp to be able to roll in and out of the van. 100% of the customer that purchase the cart system use the cart in the work shop as a cart and use the heater mounted in the van.
    The Heater dimensions are listed at

    The cart is only about 3" wider so it would be about 17" wide and 40" long.
    I also personally like to store the tank further from the heater with a 6 or 12 ft long hose.
    Rules to live by: Do not drive with the pilot lit
    Do not light and and turn the water temp all the way up to start on cold. Rather first turn up half way light and prespray. Once you are ready to rinse, turn up the rest of the way and start rinsing. The above comment was found out by me on my own truck when the coil was cold in the winter. Started the unit up cold and did not start using it right away. The water expanded and broke the coil.

    The advantage to the cart system is it might be cheaper than purchasing all the components individually. The cart systems are ready to go, the heater are sold heater only and you have to add the striker, regulator, safety valve, gas hose.

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