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TF-c 150 VS the Hft-150, AR50 VS AR52

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  • TF-c 150 VS the Hft-150, AR50 VS AR52

    Hi Donald,
    is there a difference between the two wands TF-c 150 and the Hft-150 ?
    I've been contemplating what wand I will need for tile and detail work and have narrowed to these two other than the AR 52 which originally was my first choice!
    Are there any advantages from one to the other? And last but not least what's your best suggestion for an upholstery wand, high pressure?
    Thank you for your help!

    Answer: The TF-c 150 and the Hft-150 only difference is the color and the sticker and the price. I would recommend you purchase the least expensive of the two.
    AR50 VS AR52
    AR50 is more popular but I an not I know why...
    the AR50 is brush lip and AR52 is teflon lip
    The AR50 mount direct to the end of your vacuum and solution hose while the AR52 include a build in 6 ft hide-a-hose.
    Both only clean/spray about 1.5-2" wide while the tools are 5-6" wide.
    My personal favorite upholstery tool if price is no option is the Sapphire Scientific Upholstery Pro, while if on a budget the PMF 1574SBPP



    Upholstery Pro