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Why is the Carpet is streaking during cleaning?

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  • Why is the Carpet is streaking during cleaning?

    Question: When I used the 15” wand to clean a carpet it is leaving the JET SPRAY streak (cleaning lines) on the carpet.
    When I change to the 14” wand that jet spray mark is not happenning.
    What is the reason for that and what can I do to stop this?

    Answer: The jet nozzle might partially clogged. To clean do not poke through the hole, rather remove jet and blow air with rubber tip air compressor gun backwards through jet. Hold up to the light and check to make sure it is clean.
    If you poke through the hole, the jet is ruined and will have to be replaced. If any object other than air or water touch the inside of the hole orifice it will cause streaking on the carpet.
    In some cases you can have carpet streaking by the pressure it too high versus the height of the jet off the carpet. Some wands you can move the jets farther from the carpet and some are fixed location. The 15" tools do have an adjustable distance. You want to clean at under 500 psi for plush carpets. There are a few commercial carpets that can be cleaned at 600 and 700 psi, but it is rear.

    15" wand

    14" wand
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    Agree, your wand jets are clogged with debris. Do you have a filter on your wand to help prevent this? Wand screens and filters are awesome
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      Help with carpet cleaning wand streaking

      Wand streaking is caused by:
      1. The water pressure is too high for the surface you are cleaning.
      You are relying on the water pressure as the only form of agitation. If you prescrub the carpet either horizontally (floor buffer) or vertically (CRB20) and then rinse, you can use lower water pressure, so the carpet will not streak.
      2. You clean your jets wrong. Poke a jet one time, you will have to throw it away. The only way to clean jet is to remove them and with a rubber tip air compressor is to blow air through the jet backwards. You can soak a jet in descaller but this rarely works unless you can blow the obstruction out first. Any time you poke a jet the pin will touch the side wall of the jet and ruin it. So lets say you blew the air and soaked and it is still clogged? What then. As a last ditch effort, go to the office supply and purchase a mini paper stapler (you should have one in a service truck anyways for other reasons). Remove one staple. You will notice that the shape of the staple is almost the same as the jet orifice. Open the staple and pushing backwards carefully push the staple through the hole WITHOUT TOUCHING THE SIDES OF THE JET.
      3. The jets are located too close to the carpet. Most wands are not adjustable but not all of them.
      4. The jet spray is hitting each other. This is correct. On a multi-jetted tool the angle of one jet must microscopicly miss the one next to it. This mean the jets might be one or two degree from parallel with the head of the wand.

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