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Mytee Bentley Wands 2 jets or 4 jets?

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  • Mytee Bentley Wands 2 jets or 4 jets?

    Question: We're looking at the 14" Mytee Bentley Wand With Swivel Head on your site [Part Number: 8314-S] (in the standard size, not the TALL). I noticed that your website has a listing for the 14" wand with 4 jets. Does the stock Mytee 14” Bentley wand come standard with 4 jets, or is that your modification? If it does come with 4 jets, what jet sizes would you recommend for us using the Mytee Water Hog set at 450-500 psi (approx 2 GPM)? And what angles for each of the jets? I’ve heard some go wider on the inner jets and narrow on the outer jets to avoid overspray. We are using the Mytee Air Hog Plus in Parallel to vacuum. I also noticed you had the internal Teflon glide available for this wand, but also wanted to see if you sold the stainless steel glide.
    Thank You, Spiro.

    Answer: I have several problems with all your very good questions.
    #1 Mytee changes specification like changing underwear. They also do not guarantee any written or verbal statements. In their policy it states: "They reserve the right to change exact specifications without notice." So if we find out they tell you in writing or on the phone that they are going to ship a 4 jet wand and a 2 jet wand shows up at your door, you are still subject to the restocking fee if you do not like the new specifications and want to return the wand. So far to date all the 14" wide Bentley wands I have seen are all 4 jet tools yet I notice their website shows they are now all 2 jets while their replacement parts list show them with 4 jets. So what would they ship? 95% chance they will fill the order with a 4 jet manifold because it would be hard to get an even spray 14" across with just 2 jets. I am going to have to assume their website is wrong and these are not 2 jet wands. This above statement also means they do not guarantee the size of jets that are installed on the wand.
    Please visit

    You will notice that the inside pair of jets by default is 11002 and the outside pair is 8002. Please note the inside jets spray at 110 degrees and the outside jets spray at 80 degree angle.
    Please note all the jets in in 02. Wow, that is a lot of water! I would not recommend this even with your super sucker - booster set up. The largest jets to consider would be jets that end in 015. .015 X 4 jets = 6 total opening. What does 6 mean? 6 gallon per min at 4000 psi. The default wand might come with 08 total jet size. Naturally we do not use our jets at 4000 psi but this is where these numbers come from. 500 psi is 1/8 of 4000 psi so does using a #6 jet @ 500 psi using 1/8 the amount of water? I do not know the answer. This would have to be a on site test and might even change based on the amount of hose length you use between the pump and wand. 6 gpm divided by 8 = .75 so it might this this flow rate or higher. I think higher is more likely as the water is squeezed though the hose and jets. I think in the world of jet size you have to experiment and I myself kept at least 3 different jets sizes on my truck. Small jets for customers that wanted fast dry times, large jets for flushing a lot of dirt out of the carpet (extended dry times), and medium sized jets for most jobs.

    The latest version of the Mytee 4000 water hog
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    is 1.75 gpm General Pump while the original version was a Pumptec 356U pump rated at 2 gpm.

    The only glides we sell with these wands are the glides that are already installed on the wands. No additional supplemental glides are available. We offer the same items and parts provided by the factory (Mytee). The Bentley glides we in stock may or may not fit the new Bentley wands. We have these from wands that where made several years ago.

    Mytee 8314 wand
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    Westpak 14" 4 jet wand package
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    In summary I feel like my answers were more like non answers. Sorry about that...

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    Mytee Bentley Wand

    Thanks Donald!

    Yes, that makes sense. I wasn't aware of the 4000 psi guideline for the jet sizes. Good to know, but as you said, it is more of an onsite test to see how it will work using a specific wand, with a specific pump/vac system, and how it will react to different carpet types and soiling levels. Many things to consider regarding GPM, pressure, how much area a jet covers with the angle, and how much it either flushes or impacts the carpet depending on the jet placement (i.e. distance from the floor).

    Mytee has actually got a little better. They have a chat widget on their website, and when I had questions regarding my Air Hog their tech support guy was able to go down into the shop and answer my questions. Sometimes they aren't available, so calling them would probably work too. Yeah, their website changes a lot, and they could probably do better there, but contacting them to confirm would be the best thing for consumers to do. I actually don't see the Air Hog Plus Parallel on their site anymore, they just have the Air Hog Plus Series shown, although I'm guessing the Parallel is still available.

    Anyway, thanks for the help!