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Rotovac 360i VS the Mytee Trex Jr 12" Diameter Wands

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  • Rotovac 360i VS the Mytee Trex Jr 12" Diameter Wands

    Rotovac 360i VS the Mytee Trex Jr 12 inch Diameter Power Wands

    Both are 12" diameter horizontal scrubbing combined with rinse and vacuum extraction.
    The Rotovac 360i by default has three jets with three vacuum slots.
    The Mytee Trex Jr has 4 jets with 4 vacuum slots.
    The Rotovac 360i sells for an average of $1950
    The Mytee Trex Jr sells for an average of $1850
    Rotovac weight is 39 lbs
    Mytee weight is 52 lbs
    Both have water flow controls
    Both have motor speed controls
    Both can have 1-1/2" or 2" vacuum hose hooked to the wand (1-1/2" standard)

    Warranty offering is similar but historically we have had more warranty issues with Rotovac. Please be careful not to run over any thresholds, nap-lock, or tactless strip as this has been known to strip Rotovac 360i gears. This Mytee Trex Jr 12 inch is a second generation wand since the 15" wide tool was designed first so I hope all the 'bugs' would have already been worked out of it. Naturally Rotovac has had more warranty issues than Mytee as more Rotovac 360i's are on the marketplace. If you want to purchase an extra 2 year warranty beyond the standard 1 year factory warranty, the extended warranty for the Mytee Trex Jr is about $10 less.

    In summary the Mytee unit is offering 25% more cleaning passes (4 slot head vs 3 slot head) with 52 lbs of downward cleaning pressure for $100 less money compared to the Rotovac 360i 39 lbs of downward cleaning pressure and more money.
    Both, to the naked eye, appear to clean the same so I am not sure I can see any advantage to pay the added money need to purchase the Rotovac 360i and would order the Mytee Trex JR 12 inch wand instead with an extended warranty.

    Please note if you see a bundled package that includes a Rotovac 360i we can swap out the Rotovac to the Mytee Trex Jr if you want.

    Rotovac 360i

    Mytee Trex jr
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    Rotovac Carpet Cleaner

    I am a Mesa carpet cleaner that uses the Rotovac. I highly recommend it. I would worry that the 52lb competitor would be too heavy to carry up and down stairs, The Rotovac as it is, is a **** in the butt to haul up and down the stairs. If you want to see a Rotovac video that I complied please visit my site: <a href=""> Mesa Carpet Cleaning Rotovac </a>
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