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Mytee 8400DX hand wand VS the Hydro Kinetic Upholstery tool

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  • Mytee 8400DX hand wand VS the Hydro Kinetic Upholstery tool

    Question: Hello I have another question about my order, this time regarding the hydro kinetic upholstery tool that I bought. I had a really hard time deciding which tool to buy and unfortunately I don't have dealers around here stocking them so I cant check them out before buying.. I came really close to choosing the new mytee dry tool and now I am wishing I would have. Guys are giving it some pretty good reviews on Truckmount forums. The hydro kinetic is heavy and I don't like how the spray pattern does not come close to the edge of the head.
    Is it possible to send back my tool and buy the mytee instead? It's still brand new and un used with the barcode sticker on and the little bag still taped to the hose. Of course I would pay the shipping both ways in full. (I figure the price difference in the tools should offset this for me)
    If you are willing to help me out that's great, if not I understand also.

    Answer: Please read
    You can sent back any item that is brand new.
    We do not accept used items as it is unfair for me to fill orders placed with new equipment with used return equipment from other customers. Please note you will loose shipping charges both direction and 25% restocking fee to inspect and test your returned equipment. Any signs that it is used and you will have to pay another shipping fee to return the equipment back to you. The store credit can be used to order anything we carry. To return a new item, simply include a copy of your invoice with a note on it explaining what you would like to do with your store credit.

    Mytee 8400DX hand tool

    Hydro kinetic upholstery tool