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Wands with Free shipping VS wands that have shipping fee.

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  • Wands with Free shipping VS wands that have shipping fee.

    Question: Hello,
    I was looking through the Mytee carpet wands. Why is the Bentley 2-jet cost $85 shipping for a 8 pound wand? But, the heavier C-wand has free shipping?

    Answer: Wands ship in an oversized box. Both Fedex and UPS charge for 'dimensional weight' or the size of the box or weight whatever makes them the most money. Any box over 58 inches is always oversized and some type of shipping surcharge. These Mytee wands are being sold below the factory cost of production so they are not going to offer free shipping on an items that already does not have any profit in it. Some of the carpet cleaning wands are made in China or Vietnam and offer a larger profit so can offer free shipping.

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