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Rotovac 360i VS Sapphire Scientific Hoss 700

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  • Rotovac 360i VS Sapphire Scientific Hoss 700

    Both of these rotary carpet cleaning wands offer aggressive agitation, rinsing, and vacuum extraction for the profession carpet cleaner.
    The Rotovac 360i cleans a 12" diameter cleaning path while the Hoss 700 cleans a 15 inch cleaning path (36% faster cleaning!)
    Rotovac cleaning surface area 113 sq inches.
    Hoss 700 cleaning surface area 176.6 sq inches
    The weight of the Rotovac 360i is 39 lbs while the Hoss 700 is 68 lbs
    The downward cleaning pressure per square inch for the Rotovac 360i is 2.90 lbs.
    The downward cleaning pressure per square inch for the Hoss 700 is 2.60 lbs.
    The Rotovac 360i transfers the vacuum from the upper apron base down to the spinning head through a felt disk ring.
    The Hoss 700 uses a sealed bearing system to transfer the vacuum down to the carpet.
    This is huge because if you make a huge difference in cleaning and the carpet is wet the next day or even wetter than the customer feels is reasonable, they will never uses you again.
    In the event of picking up toothpicks or other clogging debris, the Rotovac 360i make you spin off the cleaning head, while with the Hoss 700 you simply lift off the upper top cleaning port.
    Rotovac 360i uses a softer gear system as you need to be careful with driving over or hitting tactless strip and thresholds.
    The Hoss 700 uses Helical gearing with industrial grade ball-bearing mounts, Grease-bath lubrication, and Cast aluminum case.

    The price of the Hoss 700 does average about 10% more than the Rotovac but over the course of using the tool for the next 10 years the added expense is really not than much.
    The advantage to the Rotovac less weight might being apartment complexes while you spend a lot more time traveling up and down stair cases.
    The advantage to the Hoss 700 would be for homes and offices since it both cleans and dies faster.
    Both are build in the USA

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