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Sapphire Scientific clear upholstery pro 67-019-C CoPolyester VS original Nylon 67-01

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  • Sapphire Scientific clear upholstery pro 67-019-C CoPolyester VS original Nylon 67-01

    Customers have been asking for a clear option on the Sapphire Scientific Upholstery Pro wand and the factory has answered!
    I am fearful that customer might not realize what they were asking. The original blue nylon housing is the most durable of off types of plastics. Nylon is holds up better against heat and abrasion better than any other plastic. When the dye is removed, the plastic is a milky opaque look. Look a spool of fishing line to see what I mean so nylon is not an option for a clear tool. The new tool is made from a CoPolyester. This is about 25 softer and holds up to 25% less heat. Let me clarify, not that I think you could ever melt polyester with a steam fired pressure washer as you could not, rather it is just is a lesser plastic. The other concern is clear tools require regularly cleaning. In 1980 I made some triple vacuum slotted clear upholstery tools out of clear lexan (bullet proof plastic) to see if you pull the tool over the fabric, would vacuum slot 2 and 3 continue to dry the fabric like making separate second and third dry passes. Answer is yes this does work but the moral of the story is I quickly found that the and wand did not stay clear very long. You would have to pressure wash the inside of the tool or reach inside with a tiny brush to scrub out the dried residue. Clear tools have to be rinsed off at the completion of every job to minimize clouding them up. I can see some owner/ operators performing the post rinsing but not so much with employees in general. The nylon version is on the discontinued list so please consider purchasing a nylon one now if you are on the fence about purchasing one.
    The clear option is now being made in two options. One for truckmounts that uses the traditional flow control needle valve and one with flow control disk. The idea behind the flow control disk is to hold back the water flow to allow the electric heater install in portables to attempt to keep the heat up better.


    Flow control disk
    Sapphire Scientific Hoss 700 flow control disk .048, 20-044, Repair Parts, Parts & Accessories, by Sapphire Scientific,  Flow control disk fits in place of a jet but can be installed in line between you strainer and strainer body cap to contro...