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Will the Gekko AR51C fit on the Turboforce RC5 Raptor Wand Pipe?

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  • Will the Gekko AR51C fit on the Turboforce RC5 Raptor Wand Pipe?

    The moment one start doing jobs is where you start adding extra tools.
    I am doing tile and Grout Cleaning with the Northstar heat gas pressure washer and want to know if the Gekko AR51c Edge corner would work with it?
    And I recently bought the Turboforce Master touch package with the Raptor wand.
    Would the Raptor wand work with the Gekko Edge?
    Another thing is how can I get the extra handle for the Raptor?....did not came with it.
    Thanks Javier

    Answer: All the North Star heated pressure washer have a water pressure adjustment knob on them. Simply turn down to be under 1500 psi and the tools will work fine.
    Please note the Gekko series tools all use medium temperature rated hose only rated to handle water temperatures up to 180 degrees F / 82 C.
    Normally customers that use fuel fired heating/ cleaning systems do not purchase Gekko branded tools because they will break the hose between the gun and nozzle.
    Once the OEM branded hose breaks we would offer an upgraded high temperature hose in its place so it will not break so easily.
    All the items in the Turboforce Master's touch tile cleaning package are rated for 250+ degrees so are fine to use with your pressure washer.
    The Turboforce Raptor will not work with the Gekko AR51C edge head. The connection mating system on the AR51C is unique.
    Turboforce does not make a cornering tool like the AR51C. To use this head would require purchasing the connection pipe AR51A gun assembly.
    You can purchase an additional 1.5" assist handle for the Turboforce RC5 Raptor item 10-0073

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