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Rotovac 360XL Questions and Answers

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  • Rotovac 360XL Questions and Answers

    Question: What cleaning pressures are used with the Rotovac 360XL?

    Answer: You can use pressure as low as 50 psi or as high as 500 psi. The more pressure the faster you can clean. Pressures over 500 psi can permanently bloom the carpet fibers. (Blooming is covered in the dvd training package)

    Question: Can I use my Rotovac 360XL with a standard dual 2 stage (4 stage 15,000 vacuum unit) carpet cleaning system?
    Answer: Yes, we recommend that you just use 25 ft of hose from the extractor. This means you need to be willing to have the carpet cleaning extractor machine follow you around the house as you go room to room.

    Question: Do I have to purchase an auto fill or auto dump portable machine to use the Rotovac 360XL?
    Answer: No, you have to be willing to manually fill and drain your carpet cleaning portable twice as often as a traditional wand. The advantage to auto fill and auto dump is non stop production. Please note, if you purchase an auto fill and dump machine, you are now hooked to the sink and you are not going to want to move the machine to follow the Rotovac 360XL wand around the home so the more suction the better to accommodate the extra hose lengths. Note * The #1 reason a customer will never use you again is you left the carpet wet the next day.

    Question: Do I have to prescrub my carpets before rinsing with the Rotovac 360XL?
    Answer: No, your cleaning can be just two steps, prespray and power scrub and rinse together in one step.

    Question: If I do not purchase an auto fill and auto dump machine, how long can I expect to clean with the Rotovac 360XL before I have to stop and empty and refill my portable carpet cleaning machine?
    Answer: For the average tank size is sold as a 12 gallons tank but most cleaners do not fill to the very brim. You will get about 10 - 12 minutes of cleaning if you are squeezing the trigger all the time. It usually take the average person about 7-10 minutes to fill and empty a carpet cleaning machine before they can go back to work cleaning the carpet.

    Question: What if I have to clean a two story home. Do I leave the portable on the first floor or carry it to the second floor?
    Answer: Auto fill and drain machines are usually left on the first floor and you just run the extra hose to the second floor. If you are using a manual fill and empty machine, you will want to relocate the carpet extraction portable machine to the second floor or you will have to run up and down the stairs every 10 to 15 minutes to empty and refill the machine.

    Tip: If you leave the extraction machine on the first floor or you are using a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine, you should secure the hose to the top of the stair case with a bungee cord or Velcro hose hook. This will prevent the hose sliding down the stairs during the cleaning process. You will also want to install a pressure stop ball valve at the end of each solution hose so you can turn the water pressure off at the end of the solution hose so you do not have to go down stairs to remove the water pressure from the solution hose so you can change tools/wands or use and injection pre-spray system.

    Question: Will using the Rotoac 360XL leave swirl marks in the carpet?
    Answer: Yes, these are not permanent. These marks will vacuum out and traffic out from normal use. Some cleaners like to leave a more groomed finish by using a Grandi Groomer Carpet Rake or brush but it is not required.
    Tip: I do recommend that you groom all carpets that have post applied chemical treatments applied as will as if you used the Rotovac 360XL on a natural fibers. (Example soil and stain protectants, flame retardants, anti static treatment, bed bug ant, and flea treatments, optical brightener, uv light anti fade treatment, urea Clear Up anti yellowing treatment, odor control treatments, color tinting... (most of these treatments and fiber types are discussed in the free dvd package with this purchase. Natural fibers include: wool, silk, cotton, jute)

    Question: Are their any carpet types that are not OK to use with the Rotovac 360XL
    Answer: Yes, do not clean rayon, sea weed, and Sisel fibers.