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Internal spray want water is not hitting the fabric

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  • Internal spray want water is not hitting the fabric

    Question: Hello Donald, i purchased Wand PmF detailer 3.5" 500 psi internal spray clear plastic head. U1560PSB
    This is the first time i'm using this wand, and when i spray the shampoo out from the wand to the chair, the vacuum sucks it back inside, does not come outside the wand. Im assuming this is defective? Or i need to return this because its not working and I need another one that works even a different one.
    Please get back to me

    Answer: Internal spray hand tools work best between 200 psi and 450 psi. You can use with low pressure tools by sliding back the thumb slide vacuum release on the top of the tool.
    This will allow you to use this tool in all pressure ranges or when you want more liquid to impact the fabrics.
    At no point is the water supposed to spray outside of the tool.
    This allows for bi-directional cleaning (both forward and backwards)
    Some of the different types of hand tools are discussed on the video at

    If the nozzle is clogged, simply remove it and clean it by blowing air backwards through it with a rubber tipped air compressor.
    Warranty service excludes Maintenance, and cleaning.
    Warranty service is repair parts only and excludes total equipment replacement.
    Most customer like to install the optional H58 wand filter so as to prevent the tip from clogging. This filter is installed between the brass coupler and the wand hose.

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