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Powr-Flite Wonder Wand

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  • Powr-Flite Wonder Wand

    I have searched everywhere to find any kind of review on the Powr-Flite Wonder Wand and cannot find anything. Has anyone used this and is it just another gimmick?

    Donald, with all of your knowledge and information you should produce a guide for carpet cleaners. This forum is horrible to navigate. It would be nice to have some sort of product review site where products are tested and reviewed consumer reports style and by a professional because customer reviews can vary widely in quality. That's my two cents.

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    Wander Wand.

    I have used it and think it is over priced and I am a dealer for them. I am talking myself out of a sale. They just use smaller jets with a rolling lip. The head of the wand pinches off the vacuum as it comes up the wand head. I had one on the showroom floor and was glad to see it go when it finally sold. I cleaned with one once too and I was not impressed.
    This forum has a Seach feature and you can type words in it and it will find articles based on those words. I hope this helps.
    Our website on the lower right side of each product webpage allows for our customer to write reviews on the products. This feature is not used by our customers, but it is there.


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      What wand then?

      Are there any wands that make it easier on the carpet cleaner and/or improve the carpet cleaning process that are worth it or am I stuck busting my back and marbles in this business?


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        cleaning posture

        Read the post at

        Your chest needs to parallel to the head of the wand, you back needs to be straight (not bend over at all), you arm needs to be staight, and you walk straight back. The assist handle needs to be mounted near the top of the wand. It is not possible to hold the assist handle during the rinse stroke, only the dry stroke. The purpose of the wand it to rinse the carpet, not clean the carpet. Most cleaners try to scrub the carpet clean with the wand and the carpet should already be clean. The wand is used after the carpet has been prevacuumed (Use our 16" wide CRI Green Label certified commercial vacuum), presprayed (use an injection sprayer - not a pump up), and prescrubbed (use a lightweight floor machine like the Koblenz 3/4 HP with a 15" Glide Brush - you can scrub out an entire home in 15 min.) I cleaned 20 millon square ft in 20 years and I can assure you that this is not possible if you if you are bent over the wand.