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Tile cleaning wands, vacuum pick up and kitchen vent cleaning

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  • Tile cleaning wands, vacuum pick up and kitchen vent cleaning

    QUESTION: Good Morning
    Can you tell me if the Dry- RT5E1 (Hydro Tek) include the kit of wheels, the vacuum hose and discharge hose.
    For the other hand I want to know which are the differents betweent following equipments (Hard Surface):
    Mytee: Redline 12 In
    Turbo Force TH40
    Hydro Force SX12
    Edic: Revolution.
    which is more sold?
    And which are the differents betweent following equipment:
    Mosmatic 6" 81.426
    Mosmatic 6" 81.456
    which is more sold to clean kitchen duct?

    ANSWER: Because we have another Hydro Tek dealer in San Antonio, TX where we are based, Hydro Tek has limited the number of items they want to sell to us. I am not familiar with this item. On the other hand we do sell the Hydro Tek RPT5E1 extractor with auto dump. We updated the webpage on the RPT5E1 at with the optional caster information. I suspect your request is a typO.
    The discharge port is a standard garden hose connection or 1.5" Fip. The normal 3/4" ID garden hose would work unless you are going to try to push more water than what can be pushed out of a 3/4" ID garden hose (about 5 gpm). Please note this is a single 2 stage vacuum motor system and as such the vacuum is not going to be a near as strong as our 3, 4, 6, or 8 stage vacuum systems and would not expect it to suck up water as fast or with long hose runs like the larger system. I would not expect that if you are doing pressure washing pick up, that you would need to invest in the 1" ID garden hose. for flood restoration you can purchase the H229 1-1/2" Mip X Barbed connection and use 1.5" ID vacuum hose to dump with. This is preferred for water damage restoration where high volume pump out is required. . If you need a quote on hose, naturally we would need to know the ID size and length.

    Now back to the Tile cleaning wand question. First let me state that the workhorse of the tile cleaning wand is the swivel. This is the main wear item. Also please note that every single swivel is made by the same swivel company. So for the most part they durability of each tool is the same since the swivels where all made in the same factory. Where you have differences is in the size of the default spray jet (Mytee uses mostly 01's and everybody else 02's), the length of the spray bar, the angle of the spray on the tile, the height of the jet tip to tile, and the type of the lip. Some companies use a combination lip (SX12 uses hard/ brush lip combo), some use all brush lip with a rubber perimeter (Mytee tools), others use a switchable surface lip (like TH40 you snap on the lip you want to use). As far as sales, last year the SX12 was #1, TH40 #2, and Mytee 3rd. The EDIC is a new design and does not have a sales history. Also in the same category is the Mosmatic 78.292, and the Typhoon 12". I like different tools for different reasons. I like the Typhoon 12" because of the price. I like the Mosmatic 78.292 because you can clean outside on driveways as well as inside on tile and the casters help insure the brush lip last a long time. I like the SX12 for the dual vacuum pick up and made in the USA design. I like the Turbo TH40 for the spring loaded vacuum relief system and the ease of changing the lips. The other lip replacement is a real job. The SX12 and Mytee it is a real workout to get them installed. The choice is yours and you will have to decide.

    Now for And which are the differences betweent following equipment:
    Mosmatic 6" 81.426
    Mosmatic 6" 81.456??
    Well again this might be a typO but the 81.456 is a 12" tool kitchen duct cleaner and not a 6" and the 81.426 is truly a 6" kitchen duct cleaner (vent a hood style)

    QUESTIONS: Hello, Donald
    Thanks for your clarification to my questions.
    #1. I want to know if the cost of mosmatic 78.292 includes Stainless Steel Castor (Part No. 80.943) and Swivel (Part No. 58.908)?
    #2 What nozzles do you recommend for use with the Mosmatic 6" 81.426 cleaning duct kitchen with prices.
    #3 Please, Can You prepare a quote with these products to be delivered in Miami .
    Thank and greeting.

    ANSWERS: #1. The Mosmatic 78.292 is complete with casters, caster brackets, spray bar, swivel, and jets. What it is lacking is at the gun is a 3/8" Fip hole to mount your hose or QD. If your QD is 1/4" you will need part BR132 to mate the gun to the QD (since most QD are female pipe) and
    Foster FK2B Bretco 1 4in Male Brass Quick Disconnect QD Nipple Plug Coupler, FK2B, Quick Disconnects And Couplers, Parts & Accessories, by Foster, Foster 1 4in Female Brass Quick Disconnect QD Specifications FHK Series TYPE &bull FHK,TWO WAY SH...

    If you are going to mate with a pressure washer, you might need 8.707-152.0
    Some other accessories would be a Velcro strap ( to secure the vacuum hose to the lance and/or a Velcro hose hook ( to secure the vacuum hose to the bottom of the spray gun. Some customers also prefer to secure the vacuum hose to the dome with a hose clamp. If you are using 1-1/2" vacuum hose, you will need the AH46 expanded hose cuff 2" hose can be secured with or without a hose cuff.
    #2 Jet size that you need is based on the GPM flow rate of your pressure washer. Please supply me with this figure as well as the pressure you like to use.
    #3 I need a zip code for a shipping rate and if this is a home delivery or commercial.

    Question: Answer: 3.5 GPM and 3500 psi
    #3 I need a zip code for a shipping rate and if this is a home delivery or commercial.
    Answer:Address of my freight forwarders:
    Next Day Cargo Inc.
    Florida 33172
    Please I need your recomend about this questions:
    1) The mosmatic 78.292 and 80.771 can use this kid of hose: standard 3/8" x 5000 PSI pressure wash hose with 3/8" MNPT fittings.(MNPT) Male National Pipe Thread. (I am not sure if this is question or not. You can use 1/4" or 3/8" ID 3000 psi pressure washing hose) see below.
    2)What nozzles do you recommend for use with the Mosmatic 6" 81.426 ( 3.0 gpm and 3500 PSI)
    3)Can You prepare a quote with these products to be delivered in Miami
    I made ​​a mistake in the zip code is the 33178. (about $75 for all the item below)

    I hope for the quotation of the following products:

    Mosmatic Part nº 81.426 $273.88
    Mosmatic Part nº 80.771 $668.00
    Mosmatic Part nº 78.292 $568.88
    I am not sure about nozzle but the my equipment is of 3.5 GPM and 3500 PSI. I think that nozzle is 25º (2.0) Part nº MO-25-02
    (Answer 1/8" Mip 1502 is best.Spraying Systems: VeeJet 1/8" Mip 1502 Stainless Steel Jet Nozzle $9.19 each)
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