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  • Sapphire Scientific Hoss 700 Shipping

    QUESTION: hi there,
    im looking at buying hoss-700 from you ,but i live in australia. do ship to australia and how much would it cost for shipping.

    ANSWER: We do ship to Australia but only have these units pre-wired in 115 volts. If you are OK with this, I will get you a shipping rate. Contains Motor Leeson Model C4C17DZ38A and works in both 115 volts as well as 208 through 230 volts. Machine will arrive in 115 volts and you take the motor plate off and relocate the wire per the motor instructions to operate in 230 volts. What is your postal code? I ran a quote to postal code 3000 and the shipping came to $502.22
    The price on the wand today is $2674.00
    Total project 3176.22

    Hoss 700
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    Q. What is the GPM flow rate on this tool?

    A, "Each HOSS comes shipped with three different orifices, one installed in the unit and two others in a bag.
    The one that comes factory installed is probably best used for smaller truckmounts in the 18 to 20 hp range.
    The smaller orifice is designed for guys that use portables, and the larger one is for any truckmount that is larger than 20 hp.
    Some guys that use them with larger truckmounts choose to remove the orifice all together.
    I'd recommend that this guy use the smallest orifice with his 13hp truckmount.
    There are numbers stamped on each orifice. The smallest one is labelled .048, the medium one that is factory installed is labelled .052, and the largest one is labelled .057."

    Q. Can the Hoss 700 be switched to 208 to 230 volts for international use?
    Answer: Yes, see diagram below. You can take the cover off the motor (2 screws) and switch the wires around, but note that by changing the voltage, you are voiding the warranty and the unit is not CE Certified.