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Mytee M5Plus with 2" hose and 2" pipe wand

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  • Mytee M5Plus with 2" hose and 2" pipe wand

    Question: I'm looking at the M5 plus
    is it possible to substitute the 1.5 inch hose and wand to 2 inch hose and wand ( i want a 2 inch wand) for a good price? I'm at high altitude (almost 9,000 and up) and need 2 inch rather than 1,5
    what would this price be? shipped to colorado? tax?
    please let me know. Joe

    Answer: The cost to change the included 25 ft 1-1/2" ID vacuum hose to 2" vacuum hose is only $25.00. Please consider adding more hose length to your hoses for at 2" ID you can run up to 150 ft with this machine if you stay with a 12" wide wand. You can purchase carpet cleaning wand pipe also in 1-7/8" ID and 2" ID. The difference is a 2" pipe combined with a sub mounted valve and trigger system is a lot to hold and your had will get tired. This is where the 1-7/8" ID pipe comes in. These smaller pipes are flared or stretched to 2" right where the hose cuff slips to the wand. A two inch pipe wand will usually have a top mounted car wash style valve mounted to the top of the pipe and also usually 14" wide. A 14" wide head will clean 20% than 12" wide carpet cleaning wands. A 14" wide wand is usually going to have at least 4 jets on it instead of 2 jets. Here are my concerns: Will a 6 stage vacuum system operate a 14" wide wand? Can a Pumtec 205V or 207V water pressure pump handle a 4 jet wand in a suction feed environment without substantial water pressure drop between the resting pressure and in use squeezed pressure?
    These are both boarder line issues. This is like, is it really OK to run 150 ft of 2" ID hose on every job, on every fiber type?
    Answer, not really this is tool long for polypropylene carpet. This is stretching the limit on 6 stages of vacuum. We recommend that you please consider 8 or more stages of vacuum to operate a 14" wide wand. This 6 stage vacuum machine will clean with a 14" wide wand but will also extend the dry times by 20% too. You will clean 20% faster with 20% slower dry times. If you increase the vacuum to 8 or more stages of vacuum, you will not increase your dry times. You will have to decide on this. OK now let us address the pump issue. Suction feed pump VS pressure feed pumps. The incoming water pressure is 65 psi. The amount of pressure drop off you experience with any pump is based on the pumps ability to supply enough water into the pump head VS what leaves the pump head. The larger the spray jets you use or the more number of spray jets you use if the volume of water that leaves the pump head vs what comes into the pump head the larger the pressure drop. The Mytee M5 is a suction feed machine. This means that the water in the fresh tank has to be sucked from the fresh tank to the water pump. On pressure feed machines, the 65 psi building supplied water pressure force feeds the water pump. Force feeding the water pump means that your pump will not only last longer, the water averages 12 degrees hotter, and at least a 15% improvement in 'use pressure' over suction feed systems. If you want to go to a four jet wand and use a Pumptec 205V or 207V series pump head, please consider a force feed pressure machine or a machine with a larger pump.
    I want to clarify, it is not my goal to try to talk you out of a particular machine. In fact it is our company policy to not alter a decisions you have made in the model you want. On the flip side if you purchase this set up and it does not work 100%, I do not want to hear, "how come nobody every told me this would happen?" There are many other forums that have lots of posting with really poor advice by cleaners that are totally lost. They do not remember all the rules about carpet cleaning that is taught in high school on mathematics, chemistry and physics. The equipment bashing is so bad and the advice is so poor, I no longer visit of forum postings other than this one. Again the Mytee M5 Plus is a great machine at a great price. You can add a pressure feed system to the machine and a vacuum booster and it will do what you want. It will do what you want without the alterations too but the pressure will drop off and the try times will extend. I do not want to leave you without mentioning some alternatives.
    Example of 8 stage pressure feed machine is the Goliath
    Example of machines that use larger pumps that are suction feed are the Sandia 80-5000

    For example of a 2" pipe 14" wide wand look at the Mytee Bentley

    Mytee M5 Plus

    We do not collect CO sales tax

    How much hose is OK to run on your portable carpet cleaning machine?

    photos of Pumptec 205V and 207V water pumps
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