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Evolution Wand Versus Sapphire Scientific Stryker Cleaning and Extraction Wand

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  • Evolution Wand Versus Sapphire Scientific Stryker Cleaning and Extraction Wand

    Hi Donald or anyone else who's got either or both of these Carpet Cleaning Wands.

    I'm interested in a comparison between the Evolution and Stryker Carpet Cleaning Wands. Specifically the pros and the cons in usage. Things like, how much they weigh, is suction power good or bad when compared against each other, does either or both Wands easily clog up with hair and fluff, is penetration of hot clean water good or bad when rinsing the carpet when extracting, how efficient is either wand at drying the carpet, as in do you have to do extra passes as there's a problem or need to do multiple passes (e.g. really dirty carpet or commercial jobs), hidden costs like does anything constantly break on either Wand so it needs repeated costly repairs. I want to buy the best Wand for my Portable Carpet Cleaning machine, as I don't yet have a Truck Mount.

    Before I purchase, I want to know both of their strengths and weaknesses? Is one better across the board? Or only in better in certain situations, as in Commercial Jobs versus Domestic jobs in people's homes?

    Any and all feedback would be very much welcome. As I've not been able to locate much info about which one's better or compared against each other on the Internet.

    Cheers Kortlee Dry Clean Carpet Gold Coast Carpet Cleaning

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    US Products Evolution wand VS Sapphire Scientific Striker

    Can you please clarify if you want to compare 12" wide or the 16" wide US Products wand to the Sapphire Scientific wand?

    Links: US Products Evolution

    Sapphire Scientific
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    The problem with them not being the same width is going to be a little issue because this will never make them completely comparable.


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      12 Inch Evolution Wand compared to 14 inch Stryker Carpet Cleaning Wand

      Hi Donald, I didn't even realize that the 16 inch Evolution Carpet Cleaning Wand could be used on a Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine, so sorry. Yes the 12 Inch Evolution Wand compared against the 14 Inch Stryker Carpet Cleaning Wand.

      And yes, I realize it's not a perfect match, but they're probably almost similar enough to compare.

      Cheers Kortlee
      Dry Clean Carpets Gold Coast Carpet Cleaning


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        Carpet Cleaning Wand Comparision

        The minimum amount a vacuum to use a 14" wide carpet cleaning wand is 6 stages of vacuum.
        A 14" wide tool cleans the same square footage 20% faster than a 12" wide tool.
        I can tell you the Stryker wands weight twice as much as the Evolution wand.
        The Evolution wand only cleans on the backward stroke.
        The Stryker wand clean bi-directionally (both directions).
        The Evolution wand has the jets 1.5" off the surface.
        The Stryker wand water is released out of a spray bar directly onto the carpet.
        What does this mean. The next time you pressure wash your car take the 1200 psi lance and have the spray tip 2 feet from the surface and then interject you hand into the spray pattern next to the impact point. Feel the pressure and water temperature. Now move into one foot from the surface and retest the pressure at impact and water temperature. You will notice as the water travels through the air it does slow down and cool down. The idea of moving the jets closer to the carpet will increase the temperature and impact pressure. Impact pressure is a form of agitation. Here is another think to look at, Jet nozzle size. The US Products Evolution 12" wide tool is a 2 jet wand with very small jets. The idea is to help give the electric heaters more time to heat up as the jet size slows the water down through the heater. The Stryker wand is more a truckmount wand with higher flow rates. I have only tested the Stryker wand with truckmounts and do not know if the water pressure pumps will even maintain water pressure with this tool. I would guess they would not. I am pretty sure that the factory states in their promotional material that it can be used on portables and we had a portable customer purchase one and then complain about the pressure. I realize that is a vague statement because I do not know what size pump was on the customers machine, not do I know if he was using a suction feed machine or a pressure feed machine. I would tell you that I would not recommend the Stryker wand on any portable that was suction feed. I am sure a 500 psi suction feed machine pressure gauge will drop from 500 psi to under 250 psi. For example if you use the Water Otter or some other pressure feed pressure washing pump, I sure that the wand will work fine.
        I can also tell you that since that since the dual vacuum slots are narrower than the
        Evolution wand, they do not support larger trash partials and works better on pre-vacuumed carpet.

        water otter
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        Example of pressure feed portable:
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        Example of suction fed portable:
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          Evolution Wand Wins for my Portable

          Thanks Donald, your helpful insightful response and efficiency is a perfect example of why I continue to use the services of SteamBrite!

          Thank you very much!
          Cheers Kortlee, Dry Clean Carpets Gold Coast Carpet Cleaning