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RX-20 wand VS Rotovac 360 wand

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  • RX-20 wand VS Rotovac 360 wand

    Question: hi want. to ask you between those tools witch one is working better rx-20 or rotovac360 , i am thinking to buy one of those. what is your suggestion ?

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    The RX-20 is better suited for commercial carpet and the Rotovac 360 is better suited for residential carpet. The RX20 has a 17" cleaning path VS the Rotovac 12" cleaning path. The RX-20 is going to be about 90 lbs VS 39 lbs for the Rotovac. The RX20 uses a more durable gear and motor system and this is where the added weight is. The RX20 is a 5 shoe head and the 360 is a 3 shoe system. I think the answer is where you percent of cleans are. What do you do mostly, clean more homes or commercial carpets?