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Sapphire Stryker VS Traditional 2 jet wand

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  • Sapphire Stryker VS Traditional 2 jet wand

    question: does Sapphire Scientific 14" it's better for cleaning compare to 2 jets wand on very dirty carpets?
    as I see this wand works like my drimaster upholstery tool. but I discover that tool using water flow / not direct pressure / does not clean as much as aggressive as a direct pressure tool.
    I am agree it's easy to operate , no muscle power need but to make the job done have to spend a little bit more time .
    I never had a wand like this and I compare it to my upholstery tool, may be I am wrong or not?
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    Answer: I does work exactly the same as your upholstery wand.
    Since the high flow bi-direction wand was invented after my 20 years on a service truck, I never had an opportunity to clean with the Stryker wand except for at a dealer meeting. It seamed to me to clean the same but the carpet I was cleaning was not dirty at all. I will tell you from the laws of physics that I would think it would have to clean better than a traditional wand because the high flow rate means that is floats more water through the carpet to carry more dirt out of the fibers. Also the temperature loss having spray jets on a traditional wand 1-1/2" inches off the carpet mean that the water is impacting the carpet at cooler temperatures compared to the sapphire wand having zero amount water cooling.

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    The wand has an 'odd feel' to it. After cleaning for many many years with a traditional wand there is a little learning curve to using one. The main advantages are still the same, primarily that it cleans 20% faster than a 12" wide wand. Other main advantages is how you grip the wand and cleaning both directions means that it is not only going to use more water per stroke but because you can apply water both directions. The use of more water usually means better cleans. I do not expect a lot of heat to be retained by the use of this wand. The the water is going to just fly right though any heaters installed on any machine. Even on the direct Connect (15 degree hotter than suction feed portables) Complete Heat Goliath that is by far the hottest portable on the market with a 14,000 btu heat exchanger (25 degree rise) + 1700 watt electric heater (20 degree rise) = 60 degrees hotter than suction feed non heated portables might only expect to clean at 30 degrees hotter than non heated portables using this same wand.
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