Question: Thanks for you answer I check the flash extractor and I think the original water claw is more durable and strong and will last more.
And one question about power wand for Goliath, when I was in uk the instructor iicrc told me that rx-20 is made for truckmount and if I want to use power wand he said the rotovac 360i is better choice, he said using a portable machine with rx-20 I will never rich the full performance of rx-20 because is design for truckmount .
Is that true? I am asking you this because I am thinking to buying the Goliath, Regards

Answer: The Goliath can handle all power wands
Question: What is a carpet cleaning machine 'Power Wand'? Answer: A power wand refers to any carpet cleaning wand that operates on the end of a vacuum and solution

The RX 20 will operate with any vacuum system that is over 25,000 vacuum units and is auto fill and auto dump
The Goliath is at over 42,500 vacuum units.
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