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Rotovac VS the RX20 CMX Wand?

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  • Rotovac VS the RX20 CMX Wand?

    Questions: Hi
    Let me ask you using power tool rx-20 or rotovac 360i how many lenght of hoses is max to use while keeping the performance of cleaning
    You said I have to reduce the lenght using power tool to 1/3 , so what is the best performance length
    I see Rotovac have a new 360i with four vacuum ports, is it really better than the three vacuum ports.
    And for Goliath witch tool is better 360i or rx-20 , I have I have both residential and commercial carpets, less residential I see rotovac can manage the speed of rpm witch is good or useless?

    Answers: The hose length issue is address at
    I recommend that you cut you hose length to 1/2 that of a regular wand.
    Power wands by nature use twice as much water and double the dry times because all the air vacuum loss with the felt disk.
    I am surprised to hear about the 4 slot Rotovac because the wands already leave the carpet fairly wet.
    The Goliath will operate either wand, the RX20, Rotovac 360i, or the Hoss700 or any other power wand. All the power wands will clean all types of carpet but more customers find the Rotovac is better suited for residential cleaning and the RX20 is better suited for commercial cleaning.
    I do not see any purpose of the RPM setting on the Rotovac. I do not have any customer that change or use the rpm setting on the Rotovac.
    Though the wand is more expensive, I am pleased the the dry times and cleaning of the Hoss 700. No felt disk and no vacuum loss and 36% more cleaning surface. Being that you mention the RX20 maybe price is not an issue for you so you should check it out too.

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