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Can I complain about the color or shade of an item?

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  • Can I complain about the color or shade of an item?

    Q. Hello, I purchased a Powrflite scrubber from you about a month ago.
    I finally got the packaging opened and realize you sent me the wrong color . Is there we can exchange and i ship it back to you?

    A. Wrong color?
    No factory guarantees color or shade.
    Our terms and conditions state:
    The manufacture(s) and Steam Brite reserve the right to change exact specifications without notice on all equipment, including but not limited to color, manufacture origination, freight origin, origination of parts, typographical errors, etc...

    All items are filled by part number and the function of an item and not color.
    If I purchased a gallon of Clorox bleach does it matter that is shipping in a blue bottle vs a white bottle?
    As long as the chemical inside the bottle and the label are the same, the function remains the same.
    If I have misunderstood something, please let me know.