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Adding stripping and waxing to your list of services

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  • Adding stripping and waxing to your list of services

    Question I'm also hoping you can help with another decision I need to make. I have been offered a contract by a local military college to maintain their VCT flooring. I already maintain their carpet and upholstery but I have never stripped and waxed floors, although I understand the process. If you are willing to let me know the process, equipment, and chemical costs involved so that I can decide if I want to pursue it, then I would be happy to purchase everything from your company.

    Answer: My personal favorite way to scrip floors is with the dry square scrubbing machines with a vacuum.

    You can add a back pack vacuum for some really fast clean up plus when you go back to apply the new wax, you only have to use half as much product as the dry scrub machine only abrade off the top layer of the damaged wax and do not remove all of it.
    The Koblenz SP15 is a really good value.