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Best scrubbers for home carpet cleaning

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  • Best scrubbers for home carpet cleaning

    Question Hi I saw your YouTube channel I’m a big fan. I really want to get in carpet cleaning I spent good amount of money on equipment and a trailer.
    I have cleaned carpet for a few years now.
    I own a cleaning company it’s about a year old haven’t got what I put into the business yet.
    I was wondering if you would give me a little bit advice and tips.
    My question is what kind size of a floor scrubber should I get?; I’m thinking about getting a 17 or 20 inch would I be able to use that in houses without ripping the carpet I’ve only done commercial cleaning I’m trying to get into residential cleaning.I know I can use a 13 inch floor scrubber I feel it’s not powerful enough. If I were to buy one should I buy the vintage one or the Oreck Orbiter?
    I did bought two air movers both are 1hp 11 amp.
    I’m working on getting a 500 psi portable heated carpet extractor.
    My goals are to get into residential and commercial cleaning any advice would help. Best Regards

    Answer: Thanks for compliment about Youtube!
    First I will talk about floor scrubbers. I am assuming you are talking about horizontal scrubbers instead of vertical scrubbers?
    13" floor scrubbers are most commonly used by companies that clean a lot of apartments. They are lighter and can be carried up and down the stairs.
    17" floor scrubbers are most commonly used by companies that clean homes.
    20" floor scrubbers are most commonly used by companies that specialize in larger commercial cleaning.
    Naturally any scrubber can be used in any environment but sometime weight over speed is important while speed over weight is important.
    Please note the brush must be 2 inches smaller than the outer bumper it the brush is to fit up inside the dome.
    The exception to this is the 15" Glide brush / Spin Safe Brush. It requires half as much torque to turn that other brushes and a 3/4 hp 13 floor machine can spin it. Please note a riser might be required.
    Horizontal scrubbers offer a larger variety of brushes to clean a larger variety of surfaces. Example marble honing, wood sanding, wax stripping, carpet dry cleaning, rotary shampooing, floor polishing. Because of the vast uses, these machine are sold machine only and then you purchase the attachment(s) you need. Even weights can be added for increased downward pressure for hard surface grinding and honing.
    Another type of brush used for home cleaning is a Bonnet-Lok or Dirt Napper brush and bonnet combination.
    Vertical scrubbers clean down and back up and perform better on soft surface scrubbing. Example carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning. This down and up and around (like most vacuum cleaners) reach way deeper in the carpet fibers and will pull up all the embedded hair that you never know was even in the carpet.
    You will also notice that vertical scrubbers (also referred to as CRB or Counter Rotating Brush machines) are very fast and much easier to control than horizontal scrubbers.
    The machine is lightweight, fast, glides over the carpet like a hockey puck on ice, operates on few amps, and prescurbs carpet way better than a horizontal machine could ever achieve.
    The 15 to 17" size is the most popular for home cleaning yet any size unit can be used for any environment.

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