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How to measure a brush size for your floor machine

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  • How to measure a brush size for your floor machine

    Question: Malish: MalGrit - 17inch Scrub & Strip Brush [813217]- what size floor machine does this brush fit. It is always confusing to me. Thanks, Kevin

    Answer: In most cases the size of the brush is taken at the top of the brush block or bristles holder. The bristles might flare out, but the flare is not included in the brush measurement. A brush can be installed up under the floor machine apron but then the brush has to be 2" smaller than the outside diameter of the floor machine apron bumper. For example if I measure the floor machine outside bumper might be 17". If I measure the inside clearance under the apron might be 16". I would need to install a 15" brush so the brush does not rub the underside of the floor machine.
    Optionally a customer can also use a 'riser'. A riser mounts between the clutch plate and the top of the brush and raises the clutch plate higher on the brush so the engagement takes place under the apron but the brush spins lower than the floor machine apron. This way if my 17" floor machine will accept a 17" brush with rubbing on the apron.
    The use of shampoo buckets or other optional attachments on the floor machines are used to dispense liquid on top of the brush during use. This would be an example of why I would want to keep the brush mounted up inside and under the apron to reduce liquid slinging. If I want to clean all the way to the wall, I would want to use a rinser and use a brush or driver that is closer to the same size as my outer bumper on my floor machine.

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