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Husqvarna Grinder and Vacuum Power Problems

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  • Husqvarna Grinder and Vacuum Power Problems

    Husqvarna Grinder and Vacuum Power Problems:
    The S36 vacuum got moved from a NEMA 6-20P to a SC8269 because Husqvarna figured that customers would rather daisy chain the the power of the grinder onto the vacuum so you added the L6-30 receptacle.
    I totally disagree with this thinking...
    The SC8269 in not readily available on any generator or building.
    The original Husqvarna S36 vacuum had a 6-20P plug installed and easily plugged into every building in the USA with a standard power converter as then it operated on two standard 15 amp 120 volt wall outlets.
    See power converter: Reverse6-20
    The Husqvarna PG 280, PG 450, PG 530 all have the L6-20 Plug and will not even plug into the newly installed S36 receptacle that has the L6-30 receptacle.
    Only the PG 400 includes the standard L6-30 male Plug.
    So out of the 4 major Husqvarna grinders that could all accept the L6-20 Plug Husqvarna installed a L6-30 receptacle instead of the L6-20 receptacle thereby negating the use of 3 out of the 4 grinders models unless you force the customer to change the plug head.
    The addition of the SC8289 plug, adding the L6-30 receptacle dramatically raised the build cost and the end user cost all the while making the equipment harder to plug in.
    My recommendation is Husqvarna standardize all the equipment with the same plug. Either the L6-20 or the L6-30 Plugs. This includes the S36 vacuum plug and remove the L6-30 receptacle. Customer can just carry two power converter boxes with them. Either converter ReverseL6-20 or the ReverseL6-30 power adapters.
    Both Husqvarna vacuum and grinder will then operate on 4 standard wall outlets.
    This would also give them the ability to operate both the vacuum and grinder on a stand 459cc generator. If the generator did not have 4 separate 120 volt breakers, you could optional purchase a L14-30 to 4 gang converter as all 459cc generators and larger include this outlet.
    This conversion would also open up the ability to operate on standard 240 volt oven and clothes dryer outlets. See converter 2011104
    If was purchasing this equipment today, I am pretty sure I would cut off the provided plug and install a standardize plug for all my equipment. This would dramatically less the cost of the amount of different converters I would have to purchase.
    Example if I purchase a S36 vacuum and a PG 450 I am going to have to purchase a converter to go from my generator outlet to a SC8269, then purchase a converter from L6-30 to L6-20 and burn a fuel.
    If all my equipment was an L6-20, I just plug with the two ReverseL6-20 box into the building and go to work. Running on a generator means operating longer expensive extension cords as the generator is outside and my work is inside.

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