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How to hook a 240 Volt Concrete Grinder or shot blaster to circuit breaker box panel?

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  • How to hook a 240 Volt Concrete Grinder or shot blaster to circuit breaker box panel?

    Please see starter kit located at
    Husqvarna 20220934 Power cord and Breaker Kit for 30 amp 5 Hp Grinders, 20220934, Extension Power Cords, Parts & Accessories, by Husqvarna Equipment, Husqvarna 20220934 Power cord and Breaker Kit for 30 amp 5 Hp Grinders Hooks to 95 of homes and bu...

    Husqvarna 20220934 Power Cord and Breaker Kit for 30 amp 5-7 Hp Grinders, Sanders Polishers, Dust Collectors, and Shot Blasters

    For temporary hook up only.
    Hooks to 95% of homes and business in the USA to run your 5-7 Hp 240 volt single phase 2 Pole grinders, dust collectors, polishers, shot blasters or pressure washers, and more

    Bundle includes:
    L6-30 Power cord set and triple breaker system for 5 HP grinders, sanders, etc...
    Assembly includes:
    (1) L6-30P Male Plug
    (1) L6-30R Round Female Receptacle
    (1) D17003050 10-3 X 50 Foot Power Extension Cord (with Nema 5-15 ends removed)
    (1) 20220932 30 amp GE Breaker
    (1) 20220930 30 amp Square D Breaker
    (1) 20220931 30 amp Siemens Breaker
    Customer self assembly required.

    Locate the brand of breaker box in the garage or in the home.
    Example if this is a GE branded panel, you will use the GE branded breaker.
    If you are connecting to a Square D panel, you will have to use a Square D breaker, etc.

    These are the 3 top brands of breakers that are used on the inside of the building or home, and not mounted on the outside of the home.
    Turn off 'main' breaker that feeds this sub panel. (usually outside the home)
    Remove the outer cover / door of the breaker sub panel to expose breaker mounting.
    Test voltage to sub panel to confirm you have turn off the power.
    Note the 10-3 gauge X 50 foot power cord provided in this starter kit is wired with Black, White and Green internal wires
    Strip outer jacket of male side of this 10-3 X 50 ft power cord back at least 1 - 2 feet.
    The strip each colored jacket from each wire back 1/2 inch.
    Install the green wire into the common bar or case ground bar inside the sub panel.
    Install the white wire to one of the screw blocks in one side of the 30 amp breaker that matches the brand of breaker box.
    Install the black wire into the other screw in the other side of this 30 amp breaker block.
    This is one wire for under each screw in the 30 amp breaker.
    Check and see if there are empty spaces in the bottom of the breaker box sub panel to snap in the new breaker.
    If not, you will have to lift out one or two of the existing breakers to insert this 30 amp breaker into there position(s.)

    Install the L6-30P male plug onto your 5 HP 240 volt single phase machine (when you open up the male plug you will see a green screw for the ground wire and the two gold screws are for the remaining two hot wires)
    Install the Female L6-30R Round receptacle to the 10-3 X 50 foot power cord. White wire to gold screw, black wire to gold screw, green wire to green screw.

    Notes: To lift out a breaker grab the wire side of the breaker and roll the back of the breaker out and towards the center of the panel. To install, the reverse takes place. Nose in the front of the breaker, then push the rear of the breaker down and in to snap into place. Tuck the wires are needed to prevent any shorts.
    Install large sign on wall, "Stay Away, Live Panel, Hot Wires, Do not touch, Electrical Shock or Death Can Occur!
    There are other breaker brands that are used in the USA, Canada, and Mexico but this is a good starter pack.
    Turn main outside breaker back 'ON' that controls sub panel and test equipment/machine.
    This is for temporary short term use only and should not be used as a permanent installation.
    If you question any of these procedures, please consult with a certified electrician in your area.

    Please remember the 80/20 electrical rule. If you are going to plug into a 30 amp breaker and draw long term (more than 8 hours) the running device needs to be under 80% of 30 amps = 24 amps max.