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Air and water Vacuum recovery, surface spinner wands, auto pump out, generator option

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  • Air and water Vacuum recovery, surface spinner wands, auto pump out, generator option

    Question: I’m interesting to purchase pressure cleaning set, and I have a few questions:

    1. Is the 4000PSI 4GPM gas pressure washer is good enough to use with mosmatic 80.788 and 80.787 surface cleaners?
    2. Does the Mytee 7303-230v vacuum booster work good with mosmatic 80.788 and 80.787 surface cleaners?
    3. Do you have the 230Volt mytee bundle (mytee 7300+WB200)?
    4. Do you have 220-240Volt generators?
    Best Regards Michael

    Answer: Ideally you are looking for a 5 + gpm pressure washer or you might have to lower the jet volume sizes.
    The Mosmatic 80.788 comes with two 03 jets. This means that at 4000 psi each jet will dispense up to 3 gallons per minute @ 4000psi. This means a 4 gpm pressure washer will drop below 4000 when you squeeze the trigger. It will still work, it will just work at less 'use pressure.'
    Please visit
    Notice the jet number on this is 15025. This means the jets will still spray at the 15 degree spray pattern but the hole at 4000 psi will dispense up to 2.5 gallons per minute. Many times when you purchase a pressure washer and surface cleaner, you need to purchase three different jet sizes and experiment with each size. Each combination of hose length, pressure unloader used, surface spinner swivel and tee bar used, pump head used will yield different results. You might also want to purchase a pressure testing unit.
    This way you can see how each jet performs. As you raise the orifice size you will increase the water gallons per minute flow but reduce the pressure. As you lower the jet size, you will increase the 'use' pressure but lower the gallon per minute flow.
    The Mytee 7303 vacuum recovery system will work with all surface cleaners but you water down VS recovery is off a bit. For example this machine would work better with a 2 or 3 gallon pressure washing system with a dome sizes less than 22". The pump out pump is only rated for 3 gallons per minute. Please visit
    This unit can handle larger 30" wide surface cleaners and larger gpm flow rated pressure washers.
    You could use the Mytee 7303 with the Mosmatic 21" unit but then lower the jet size to 1502 so the pump out can keep up with the water volume. I like the Mytee 7303 for its compact size and price but because the tank size is small it would not provide you much accumulation time before the vacuum tank is full if the pump out cannot keep up. The vacuum system is a 11.5 amp @120 volt or 5.75 amp @ 240 volt vacuum motor so the vacuum is about 50% stronger than many other air recovery systems that only use a 2 stage 7.5 amp @ 120 vacuum motor. The Goliath on the other hand is 400% stronger than traditional 2 stage pressure washing air/water recovery vacuum systems and can run 200 ft (61 meters) of 2" ID vacuum hose. The problem with many of the other air and water recovery units is they have to stay close to the work because the vacuum motors are small.
    I am not sure I understand you generator question. Please visit

    The first link is or a 2 bearing generator that can be used with an engine to make 240 volt current.
    The second link is a standard generator with a 6500 watt serg
    The third is a 9000 watt serg rated generator. Please note that the serg rating should be double your use rating. Example the serg rating is 9000 watts or 37.5 amps @ 240 volts. Your use rating should be 20 amps at 240 volts to achieve the longest life of the generator. The Goliath will run on the generator.
    The 4th link is for a vacuum recovery unit that has the same 420cc engine on it to run the vacuum system and auto pump out system that is designed to fit on the tongue of a pressure washing trailer.