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SX12 VS SX15 Tile Cleaning Wands

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  • SX12 VS SX15 Tile Cleaning Wands

    Question: I'm interested in a price on a Hydro-force sx12 and a Hydro-force sx15. My business partner and I have owned and operated a carpet cleaning business for the last 30 years and recently became interested in adding hard surface cleaning to our services.
    I'm not certain which model to purchase (the 12 or 15) so if you could quote a price with shipping separately for each of those models, I would appreciate it.
    My zip code is 51246 and have access to a drop ship location with a loading dock.

    Answer: The SX12 has a 1-1/2" OD vacuum hose connection and is more common for portables while the SX15 has a 2" vacuum hose connection and is more popular for truckmounts.
    SX12 price is $712 + $43 shipping
    The sx15 is $765 + $57 shipping

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    SX12 vs SX15

    Thanks for the quick reply. One more question that I have is regarding the jet sizes. We use a truckmount, but like to use a 1-1/2" lead hose for easier maneuverability. Are the model 12 and 15 jetted the same or will we need to go with the sx15?

    Thanks again for the info.....we're excited about adding this new service.


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      Using 2" tools with 1-1/2" ID vacuum hose leader

      You can still use a 1-1/2" ID lead vacuum hose with the SX15 by installing a flared AH46 expanded hose cuff. Simply screw onto the lead hose when ever you want to us you SX15 or any other 2" tool. The maximum hose length to use with the lead hose should be 15 ft of less.
      By default both these wands come with 1/8" Mip threaded veejets with an 02 orifice and are jetted the same.

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