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Is heat neccessary when cleaning ceramic tile?

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  • Is heat neccessary when cleaning ceramic tile?

    I received my SX-15 and gave it a trial run. It works GREAT, however, my Sapphire Scientific 370 won't keep up with the heat while using it non-stop. The you-tube demonstrations show guys using the SX wand without stopping, so I'm assuming that heat is not an essential element while cleaning ceramic tile. Can you give me your opinion on this? Thanks!

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    Making your machine hotter for tile cleaning

    You have three options to increase your heat for tile cleaning:
    1. One use the next size smaller jets. Be default the jets that are installed end in 02 and you could install 015 and these use a third less water and would give the machine more time to get the water hotter.
    2. hook the truckmount to the customer's hot water to start.
    Read article post at
    3. install a supplemental heater. These are made in propane, diesel, and kerosene.
    just to name a few.

    The cheapest is option 2 because all you need it to purchase the hot water rated hose and a faucet adapter.

    You can also make up for the lack of heat by adding more pre-agitation and pre-scrubbing.
    Consider a CRB machine


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      Thank you Donald for the quick and informative reply. Will probably start with changing jet sizes and go from there.