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80" Surface cleaner with vacuum recovery

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  • 80" Surface cleaner with vacuum recovery

    Question: I’ve had a query from a church. They are one of these modern Christian organisations, not one of the old traditional ones. They have a problem.

    They have a large area with a parking lot for 2000 cars outside their main buildings. They are busy building a 3000 seater auditorium. Now, this is Africa and it doesn’t rain for 7 months of the year. And there is fine dust from the construction site everywhere. People get out of their cars on Sunday and walk cement dust all over their buildings and carpets. Construction will only be complete in a year. So they called us to give them a solution.

    The outside area is big. People have tried to sell them road sweepers etc. but they are not convinced. Neither am I because it’s very fine dust and I don’t think the sweepers will pick it all up. Of course you get those big trucks with water tanks etc. that they use to clean streets. But I don’t think they’d go that far.

    I saw in a Mosmatic video what looked like 3 x 28” heads ganged together cleaning what looked like an artificial playing surface on a football field. Ever seen anything like this and what pump would you need to drive it?

    Answer: Please note the large 30 inch reclaim unit
    Can be run with any 3 to 12 gallon per minute pressure washer.
    Your Slayer machine might be able to run 2 units at the same time but I have never tried it. I do know it will run one of these wands without a problem.
    To run three of these tools, I expect you would be looking at a 7 to 10 gallon per min system to start.
    Please note jet size can be changed to smaller tips to cover more surface cleaners but you still need enough volume to move the spinner swivel.
    To provide enough vacuum power for a triple pick up you would need a machine that uses our Ti410 vacuum pump turning at 4000 rpm

    This would be a system like
    and then we take the tool box off and install a skinny vacuum recovery unit on the tongue of the trailer that uses the Ti410 vacuum pump turning at 4000 rpm.
    Our 35 horse power Briggs could run this Ti410 if it is the only thing it has to power. Because of the limited space we would make the vacuum waste tank smaller and auto pump out.

    The jet sizes on the surface cleaners would have to be adjusted provide the correct flow and pressure. Off hand I would say six jets at the 150015 size.

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