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Jet sizes for use with pressure washers

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  • Jet sizes for use with pressure washers

    Question: Hello,
    About the Hyper Turbo Tool, HT-777 HP, if it is used with a pressure washer, do the tips need to be changed?
    The upgrade kit (part# 20141103) says includes 2 tips of 15025, do that mean is suit for 5gpm unit?
    Interested on it specially because of the vacuum option for reclaim needs.
    Please let me know
    Thanks in advance,

    Answer: Please note the part 20141103 is just an upgrade kit for those companies that already own the TH40 model because does not include the handle assembly. The jets size is angle + volume at 4000 psi. Example a 15025 means each jet sprays at a 15 degree angle and it would dispense 2.5 gallon in one minute at 4000 psi. Naturally less pressure is less water. We have a chart posted at

    You can use the chart to calculate jets sizes that will work with your rig. Say your pressure washer is 3.2 gpm at 2000 psi. Look at the 2000 psi and go down until your volume under 3.2, look horizontal and you will see jet size 4.5. If using a 2 jet system divide this in half, or two jets with a 0225 opening. So a 4.5 nozzle is fine on a 3.2 gpm pressure washer at 2000 psi. If the nozzle gets too large, the pressure washer will not build pressure.

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