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Parking lot cleaning hydrocarbon traces and vehicle tires marks

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  • Parking lot cleaning hydrocarbon traces and vehicle tires marks

    Question: I am responsible for the technical MEPROLIM / SPOVIS, we are specialized in the sale of equipment and industrial cleaning services.
    We have just taken a market for cleaning the parking of a shopping center.
    The floor is concrete quartz with color.
    We want a material capable of hydrocarbon traces cleaned and vehicle tires.
    Your machine TURBO TWISTER interests us and I would like to have more information on the conditions of acaht but also the necessary equipment for the use of this machine.
    Make us an offer.
    Thank you, it is very urgently

    Answer: We do not have a product called "turbo twister" but do have lots of products that use the name "turbo" as well as the name "twister."
    Please confirm this is the product we are talking about
    Please let me know if you need air/water pick up recovery for indoor use or if it will be OK to just let the water run down the street/ parking lot.
    The above link is an example of a wand that offers the dirty water pick once you hook it to a vacuum source. These units can be used with any hot or cold pressure washer as long as you have a vacuum source that can offer long hose pick up.
    Example of our most popular pressure washer water pick up machine is located at
    This unit easily pick up water for large surface spinner tools while using 300 ft / 100 meters of vacuum hose.
    Anytime you are cleaning a stained/ stamped / natural stone floor, only use neutral floor cleaner.
    This product is sold is sold in an ultra concentrate so you are not paying for shipping of water and works great on oil, grease, tire and rubber marks.