Questions: We are a car dealer in Hong Kong. After reviewed with your youtube of, we are really interested with this product. But, not sure about the correct item no. Do you have the product introduction?

Since we are located in HK. Therefore, we need the machine in 220V. Kindly advise if it is suitable for HK market. If not, please recommend another machine for us. Also, can this for disinfection in hospitals/ medical cabinets/ laboratories?

Also, we would like to have below details as below:
- Unit price
- If this machine are using electric or diesel.
- Is it possible for us to use it on our private car? So that we can bring the car washing machine everywhere and power generator is not required.
- For warranty, do you have any repair center which located in HK or Asia? Or we must need to send it back to your head office? Better to give those repair center address details for our reference.
- Can you let me know the details price which based on both Sea (CIF HK Harbour)/ Air (CIP HK Airport) with transit lead time for my reference?
- Do you have any keep stock? If not, how’s the production leadtime?
- If it is possible, can you provide the gross weight and cbm details for us to check with the HK local transportation fees?
- Any special discount?

Best Regards,
Wing Wu


Equipment can be used on a private car. Adjustment of temperature and pressure is required to be safe for ****t job.
Example of a common unit to use with an undercarriage cleaning tool

Please note that this is just a wand /tool / attachment / accessory that can be hook to any make model brand of hot or cold pressure washer that is gasoline or plug in electric.
Factory Warranty is 90 days on the swivel and one year on rest of item. In the event of warranty issue, only broken part would have to be shipped back to the factory for warranty consideration. Really the only two items could even break: the swivel and the trigger gun.

Please clarify the disinfection of cabinets and laboratories at this would be a question for indoor disinfection equipment.

Plus read

I cannot provide a shipping quote without knowing the exact order detail as I do not think you even know what you want at this time. After you narrow down your equipment selection, we can provide a shipping quote.
Please note most items take two weeks for the factory to assemble and ship.

Please Note: **Tracking, Returns, and Warranty Issues by Email Only**
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