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A few questions about tile cleaning with a pressure washer

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  • A few questions about tile cleaning with a pressure washer

    A few questions.
    1.Why would I need both tools below can't they both do same thing for small areas ?
    2. The tool below I don't understand what specifically it is helpful for that the above tools and regular 15 inch floor can't do ?
    3. What is benefit of tool below that is not covered by other tools ?
    4. Is the extraction of extractor fast enough to keep up with pressure of this pressure washer ?
    5. Can I put down some money and you can bill my credit card each month for a few months to pay off the rest ?

    Answer: 1. The spinning tool clean about a 6" wide area. The Cobra cleans a 1" wide area.
    2. This tool cleans with more downward force. The spinner tools loose energy that is exhausted by making the spray bar move away from the floor as it spins around. This lessens the impact.
    3. This sprays directly into the corner of a shower wall. This is one of the hardest areas to clean while usually one of the dirtiest areas.
    There is also a stand up version for cleaning baseboard corners.
    4. Yes. The question is more like, 'will the machine auto dump as fast as it picks up?' Then the answer is maybe. I picks up the water just fine. For example a Mytee LTD12 dumps (openflow, without hose and with the vacuum turned off) at 3.3 gpm max. Naturally less than this as you add hose length and vacuum working against the discharge pressure. Other machines use much larger dump pumps. Example the Clean Storm auto dump machines dump (12-5000 as example) with a Little Giant 20 gpm pump. Naturally after hose and against vacuum, I would say more like 10 gpm actually discharge. Some Goliath models dump at up to 30 gallon per minute. I cannot use a 4 to 5 gpm pressure washer and pick up the water with a Mytee LTD series and expect it to keep up as the tools can put down water faster than Mytee LTD can dump it out. A carpet cleaning machine can actually pick up about 30 gallons per minute so I do not expect you own a pressure washer that large...
    5. Yes, but we do not ship out the order until it is paid in full.