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Does the SX15 clean faster than the SX12?

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  • Does the SX15 clean faster than the SX12?

    Question: I'm still interesting in buying 2 Mytee LTD12 with accessories. You told me that SX15 won't fit 1000psi machine.
    Does Hydroforce make the SX12 head? Cause I can't find it on the website.
    Maybe you help us to choose 12" tool with similar capabilities? I choose SX15, because AR51A wand less comfortable in operating.
    One machine will be shipped to Russia as last time, so we will use our own shipping.
    The second one - to Indonesia, Denpasar. And I'm assume we will use your freight carrier.
    ​Thank you,

    Answer: The SX15 spray bar takes 30% longer to make one revolution than the SX12 tile cleaning tool at the same pressure. This means to use 1000 psi with the sx15 I have to move the tool over the floor 30% slower to get it clean. This means no net cleaning speed benefit with the SX15 at 1000 psi. The only way to make the spray bar/jet spin faster is to increase the water pressure to 1500 psi. At 1500 psi the tool does offer a 30% faster cleaning than the SX12. You cannot purchase a SX12 head only for the AR51A cleaning pipe. Currently one of the only 1500 psi tile cleaning machines is the Goliath 1500. You can also purchase separate cold pressure washer and mate it with a flood extraction unit to make your own 1500 psi system. Example the BE P152E can be converted to 220 volt and then mate this to a flood extraction unit like the Mytee 7000s these two units combined would offer similar performance to the Goliath.

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