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Mating a pressure washer with a shop vacuum for tile cleaning

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  • Mating a pressure washer with a shop vacuum for tile cleaning

    Hi Donald -
    Your website is awesome, I called and got your email to ask some questions. I know you must by busy and I appreciate any wisdom you can share with me.
    I am a DIYer. I have a home with lots of tile (>2500 ft2). To get the tile professionally cleaned with a tile & grout spinner it is approx $2000. Since my wife is fanatical about clean tile I was researching to see if I could buy the necessary equipment and do the cleaning myself. You responded to a similar inquiry back in 2012 and it gave me lots of good information.
    Based on what I learned on your website I would like to combine 3 pieces of equipment:
    1) MasterForce TurboForce TH15
    2) Shop Vac
    3) Electric pressure washer
    The pressure washer is an AR Annovi Reverberi AR390SS, which I saw on your website. The working pressure looks good at 1700psi but the volume looks a bit low at 1.4gpm. Your table for selecting the right spinner wand lists the minimum gpm at 2.1gpm. Can I still make this work with this lower gpm? It looks like it is difficult to get a reasonably priced 120V electric pressure washer that can produce the volume of 2gpm. Alternatively, is this lower gpm volume a better fit with my lower performance vacuum?
    The Shop Vac is a 6.5hp 170 CFM with 75 inches of water. with no auto dump, I realize I will need to empty this every 10 minutes while cleaning. Other than the lack of auto dump do you see any problem with this as a vacuum source?
    I like the Turboforce TH15, since I think that's what my professional cleaner uses. Also, I like that you have packaged with a TurboForce Cobra hand wand since I have exterior limestone. I am concerned that your table recommends a minimum 1500 psi and 2.1gpm since I cannot meet the 2.1gpm specification with my electric pressure washer. Should I go with a smaller spinner, like a Mosmatic 78.292 or Turboforce TH40 even though I still cannot meet the 2 gpm specification for this spinner?
    I recognize I will need vacuum hose extensions and adapters and pressure hose extension and adapters but is the concept described above sound?
    Finally, am I crazy to cobble together this system in hopes of having performance similar to my professional?
    Thank you for your time and wisdom.

    Most spinner tools will not operate correctly under 2 gpm. You really have to start there.
    A popular 12" spinner tile cleaning tool is the Typhoon
    The non auto dump is going to get old really fast. Please consider a stronger vacuum with automatic pump out, like the Mytee 7303LX or larger.

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    Turboforce TH15

    Typhoon 12:

    Mytee 7303LX

    Carry Popular tile cleaning pump rated for customer supplied hot water.
    Pumptec 80346

    thank you for the prompt reply.
    For the Air Hog Vacuum booster is it correct that I could use this stand alone for my sole source of vacuum?
    I have a gasoline pressure washer that can be adjusted to 1500psi, am I correct that it would work to leave it outside and get a long high pressure hose?
    Thanks again, Brian

    The Mytee air hog can operate up to 150 feet of vacuum hose, so yes, please leave your gasoline pressure washer outside. Please not that at openflow, un-restricted this max automatic pump out is only 3 gallons per minute. This means you would have to have a very small 2 gpm pressure washer. The max air temperature for the Mytee unit is 175 degrees F. This means that even hot water hopefully would be OK as when using a heated pressure washer, hopefully the water would cool down enough hitting the tile and traveling in the hoses to be cool enough for the machine. Gasoline pressure washers can be turned down 50% from their max pressure. This means if I have a 3000 psi pressure washer, I can turn it down to 1500psi without with the factory install pressure adjustment knob. The other rule of thumb is you want to clean tile with about 100 psi for each inch in diameter of the cleaning tool. The Typhoon 12" tool works best at 1200 psi. If I can only turn down my pressure washer to 1500 psi, please consider a 15 inch tile wand, like the TH15. For pressure washers that are over 3 gallons per minute, please consider the Goliath auto pump out. Uses similar dual 6.6 vacuum motors but has two auto pump out pumps to take the auto dump to 6 gpm. For customer that can only turn the pressure washer down to 1700 psi, please consider the Turboforce HT777-LP The 17" and larger tools also should have 3 gallons per minute of flow.

    Goliath Dual 6.6 and 6 gpm dump

    For customers needing to operate dual wands, more than 150 feet of vacuum hose, 30" dual vacuum port surface cleaners, need more than 6 gpm auto dump, can move up the the Goliath Quad 6.6 with 30 gpm.

    Turboforce HT777-LP Works best between 1700 psi and 2500 psi

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    For 3000 and 4000 psi pressure washers and for customer that want to turn down below 50% in water pressure, you will have to add a second unloader.