Question: I have recently acquired a couple of saltillo tile refinishing jobs and I have been using a floor machine and having a buddy with a truckmount vacuum behind me. I'm concerned about the stripper damaging his machine and I would not want that to happen, so I'm thinking about getting a portable unit. I have a utility trailer with a ramp, so I could accomidate the HT1500. Also , it combines both operations in one. Can you operate the HT1500 without the vacuum , if you were working outside and did not need it. Also , have you ever heard of a tile cleaning wand that has a spinning brush, as this would eliminate the need for using my floor machine . The problem I'm having is getting the stripped floor sealer picked up before it sticks back onto the tile I just cleaned. This also would eliminate the need for another person. Thank You, Tom

Answer: The RX20 offers the spinning brush with pressure washing and vacuum
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Also look at the hard surface brush listed under the related items link (bottom of same page). This takes a lot of water and vacuum to run this. The minimum vacuum to operate a power wand is 6 stages of vacuum, and something with auto fill and dump because the amount of water it is going to process through the floor. You can operate the Whisper HT1500 with the vacuum turned off. You just turn off the switch on the control panel. Because the TMI Whisper only has 4 stages of vacuum, I do not know how well this is going to clean past 25 ft.