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  • Spinner wands in Melbourne AU

    QUESTION: Hello
    I am interested in the following items:
    Hydrotek 28inch professional hyror twister
    Mosmatic Economy surface cleaner FL-EG 300 12”diameter ΒΌ”NPTM, KDyf, 2x1/8’ NPTF
    4000 PSI combination wall and floor surface cleaner 78.262
    Does the Mosmmatic clean graffiti? Is it suitable to use with only cold water ar can I use it with high pressure steam and water upto 120 degrees celcius??
    Also, I am located n Melbourne, Australia and was wondering if you ship here, and if you could estimate the cost of shipping??
    I look forward to your response

    ANSWER: we do ship world wide. All the Mosmatic spinner tools are designed for up to 120 degrees Celsius (250 degrees Fahrenheit)
    Any pressure washing tool will remove graffiti including the Mosmatic tools.
    The Mosmatic 78.292 ships by the US Post master world wide for about $150
    The Hydrotek 28 inch spinner is a different story. This has to ship by and usually cost hundreds more to ship. I would need your complete Postal code to get a rate.

    Hi, I am interested in buying the two items as listed below. I was wanting to make sure that they are both compatible with steam and cold water.
    Also is this a US made product?? I would like to know where they originate from.
    If I was to purchase these items, what would be the estimate cost of shipping and handling, and how long it would take to arrive once shipped?? I am in Melbourne Australia, post code 3810.

    Mosmatic: 80.775 Professional Surface-Cleaner with castors FL-PH 30" 1/4"NPT M (3x 1/8"NPT F) 4000psi (Free Shipping) [80.775]
    Mosmatic: 12" Tile and Grout Spinner Wand FL-AER 300 With Vacuum Pick up 4000 psi (free shipping) [78.242]
    I look forward to your response, Steve

    ANSWER: About Mosmatic, In 1978, Mosmatic AG Headquarters was founded in Mosnang, Switzerland. The company name originates from the town name Mosnang and the word automatic. Due to the lack of space, the company moved to Necker, Switzerland two years later.
    In 1988 Mosmatic Corporation was founded in Bristol, WI, USA.
    In 2000 Mosmatic AG inaugurated their new building, and one year later in 2001 a much needed larger facility was built for Mosmatic Corporation as well. Mosmatic Ag receives the ISO-Certificate, also in the year 2000.

    They are both compatible with cold and hot water. Please note that the minimum amount of recommended pressure to use the tool is 1/4" the highest rating. So a 4000 Psi max pressure does need at least 1000 psi to start spinning.

    Their is a huge difference in shipping on these two units. The 12" 78.242 will ship by the US Postal Service for $150 while the larger 80.774 has to be shipped by Fedex for $590.62. International shipping usually takes 2 weeks but with the post office it can take up too 4 weeks.

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