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    Question: Hi i am starting a wall brick-cleaning business and i would like to know which hand held machine would suit me best. Ive identified a few of products you have with the likes of the Mosmatic: Economy Hard Surface Cleaner FL-EB-8"-1/4" NPT M-2x1/8"-NPT F-4000 PSI-78.250 and the Mosmatic: Economy Surface Cleaner FL-EG 300 Diameter 12", 1/4"NPTM, KDYF, 2x1/8"NPTF-4000 PSI Combination wall and floor surface cleaners-78.262 which is bigger in diameter.
    Would i be able to hold these machines against a vertical wall doing about 2000-3000 psi without a water release system like a vacuum hose?
    Would the pressure push me back away from the wall?
    Is there a machine you would recommend that has an advantage over others?

    Answers: The recommended water pressure should be between the max rating of the swivel and half the rating. For example any pressure washer with 2000 to 4000 psi would work for with the Mosmatic 78.250. When the water pressure falls below the half way mark, the swivels still turn but do not spin as fast as they should. The 78.250 model does not have a vacuum pick up. The models that do offer vacuum air and water recovery do not suck the tool to the wall rather you have to hold the tool to the wall either way. The water pressure does not push the tool away either. The biggest factor on this is the weight of the tool and just holding it in the air. The vacuum hose does add quite a bit of weight too the tool. The models that have air recovery ports on the tool accommodates either a two inch ID vacuum hose direct, a 2" hose cuff or a 1-1/2" hose that uses an expanded AH46 expanded hose cuff. My personal favorite is to use 2" hose at the vacuum source and then the last 10 to 15 ft reduce the vacuum hose to 1-1/2" ID and then flare back to 2" with the expanded hose cuff. This helps make the tool much lighter. The reason for vacuum and air and water recovery is that many cities are passing legislation to require pressure washing companies to vacuum reclaim their water, prefilter it and dispose of it in the city sewer system. To see examples of these visit our flood pumper section of the web site. So to plan for the future you might want to consider air and water recovery tools. This way if your city starts to crack down on water run off, you will be ready and will not have to purchase all new tools.
    For dedicated wall cleaning with vacuum recovery the AW101 SX7 tool is nice because the hose hangs directly straight down and does not have to bend in the air. I like this feature too.

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