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A mate for a Mytee Redline 12 inch

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  • A mate for a Mytee Redline 12 inch

    Don, I noticed you like the Mytee Redline 12 inch spinner. Obviously the 12" doesn't get in corners well and might not get close to the wall or set of cabinets. Do you have another tool you'd recommend that will accomplish this task and make the equipment list complete for tile & grout floors?

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    Tile cleaning wall the way up to the wall.

    None of the spinner tile wands clean all the way to the wall. Some come a little closer than others. The Mosmatic 78.292 come close as well as the SX15 wand does. Many of our customers use an edging tool to right up to the wall.



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      What is the difference between these two tools?

      What is a top mounted HD valve? Which would you recommend?


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        Tile cleaning close to the wall

        Primarily the valve. The standard standard stainless valve is people that are going to clean at pressures below 1000 psi and the top mount valve is for cleaners that are going to clean at pressures over 1000 psi.