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    question: Hi Steambright. I am founding a 501c3 called Beautiful Newtonville, to revitalize Newtonville, a village of Newton, MA, with a new urban plan to beautify our village. We suffer from significant gum stains on our sidewalks. We intend to being a Clean Streets campaign, and eventually repave our sidewalks. But to get there, we need to remove the gum that is our biggest urban blight. I wonder if u might be able to recommend the best gum removal machine for us (the Bazooka sounded the most realistic to remove mass gum stains), and also wonder if u might give a discount for a non-profit organization, once we receive our tax ID number. We have a good relationship with the City of Newton (which has about 13 villages), whom I would also recommend your machines to if they worked for us.
    With kind regards,
    Tim Stone, co-founder

    Tim D

    Answer: Gum removal is either accomplished by heat and pressure, or agitation combined with chemical assistance. The Gum Zapper or Bazooka Gum Removal machine uses agitation with chemical assistance. It is available in corded or cordless drill set up. The alternative is heat and pressure. This is usually accomplished by a pressure washer that has a supplemental water heater on board. These heated pressure washer heat water by burning either kerosene, propane, bio-diesel, natural gas, and even electric. The pump side pressure can be either electric or gasoline powered. Cold water units will work too if the pressure is high enough to make up for the lack of water pressure. Custom machines have been made with with 12 volt kerosene burners and 12 pressure pumps if you do not want either electric or gasoline powered.
    We do not have any discounts beyond what is already posted on the website for our price are already only market up only 2% over cost.


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