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Does the Clean Storm Universal Vacuum Booster Work on Nilfisk Equipment?

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  • Does the Clean Storm Universal Vacuum Booster Work on Nilfisk Equipment?

    Question: Hi my name is Steve from Sydney, Australia.
    We were searching the web for a universal vacuum booster and your video link came up on Google search
    We have the machine similar to the one in the video, ( White one to the left of the operator ). Our machine is called Nilfisk Multi HSC 585. We were wondering if your universal vacuum booster will work with our machine.
    Volt in AUS is 240v
    We would like to know price please.
    Kindest Regards Jessica

    Answer: Please visit
    This unit will fit any and all brands of carpet cleaning and tile cleaning machines that use the screw in 6 inch and 7 inch twist and lock lid including but not limited to the Nilfisk Multi HSC 585
    Nilfisk owns and operates the company US Products. The Nilfisk Multi HSC (Hard Surface Cleaner) is marketed under the name US Product King Cobra Pro in the USA.
    Their is a $125 up charge to change out the vacuum motor from 120 volts to 240 volts.
    The 240 volt unit will show up without a male plug installed on the end of the power cord and will have to be self installed at your location.
    Please note the comment that we need to be notified of the machine you are using on because the lid on your unit is recessed down low and does not fit on the highest spot on the extractor.
    This means we will have to also lengthen the bolts on the protective cover to raise it up off your extractor housing.