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Expanding business needs a 240 volt portable in New Zealand

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  • Expanding business needs a 240 volt portable in New Zealand

    Question: Happy New Year to you and team, best wishes for new year.

    I am Joshi from Auckland, New Zealand. I am in carpet cleaning
    business for last 5 years. I have been surfing your site and got
    really good information. I would like to know the Air Freight form San
    Antonio(your office or warehouse) to Auckland,NZ.
    I would like to get the machine international voltage 220-240v. We
    have been running business in Auckland Region, we do all kinds of
    cleaning, carpet cleaning,tile-grout cleaning,upholstery clean and we
    are opening our branches around 15 nation wide, so we will be needing
    more machines for sure. Please give me a good price.
    I like these machines but for first time I will buy one machine and
    then i will order for one more. Please let me suggest if you have good
    machine from 200 psi,500psi,1000+psi etc.

    Thank you for your time. Thanks Joshi

    Answer: Thanks for the email.
    I am checking on you Mytee 2300-230v options to see if the factory will make this for you...
    As far as the machines, you can use a 500 psi machine to rinse tile that has already been presprayed and prescrubbed, while a 1200psi machine will pressure wash rinse the tile. Take for example, if I have a really dirty car and I go to hand wash the ****t job. I first soap down, sponge or soft brush agitate, then rinse. I can rinse at low pressure (like my thumb over the end of a garden hose) or high pressure rinse with 1000+ psi. Naturally I can achieve faster and better results if I use more pressure. But when I stick a pressure washing pump under the hood of a carpet cleaning machine three things will happen.
    1) I just added 50 lbs (22.7 kilos) with pressure washer under the hood.
    2) There is no amp draw left on a two corded machine to run an electric water heater. Note, all heated tile cleaning machines only heat the water in low pressure mode.
    3) I will have to lower the amp draw on my vacuum system to be under 20 amps at 115 volt or under 10 amps at 230 volts. in order to operate on 2 power cords.
    The addition of 22.7 kilos under the hood means that I have to team lift or use a ramp each time I load or remove my machine out of the service vehicle. Note the max weight a single individual can lift by-themselves is 150 lbs (68 kilos)
    As you look at 115 volt machines if no price is listed for 240 volt option, please not that this will add $350 to the cost of the machine. Please also note that shipping ocean to a port city will usually run $1000 and take 5 weeks, while air inland shipping will be closer to $2000 and take 2 weeks. Payment will have to be by wire transfer only.
    You also mention a good price, please note that our price are currently only marked up with a 2% profit on them. It is impossible to charge less than 2%. For example a $5000 order means we make $100. Nobody charges less than we do.
    Please also look into synergistic systems. These are systems where two or more machines work together and the net result is greater than the sum of the two.
    For example I can take a Flood pump, a pressure washer and heater and combined they can way more surface types than individual components and you no longer need a ramp or a helper to load or unload the truck. The link below shows on of many examples you can do.
    Synergistic combinations usually are stronger because they will operate on 3 or 4 power cords. The added electrical consumption will equate to a faster more aggressive cleaning system. All the machine that are in your list are great machines and I highly recommend the Clean Storm, Sandia Plastic, and Mytee lines. I noticed that some of the machines you selected are not auto fill or auto dump. This would be a requirement on tile cleaning for without this feature a 12 gallon machine will fill up in about 6 minutes. You would spend 6 minutes cleaning and 6 minutes emptying and refilling your machine. 50% of your time would be servicing your machine instead of working cleaning. Please note this same problem happens with power wand use and they two use about twice as much water as traditional carpet cleaning wands. Auto fill can be added to any machine for $350 and auto dump can be added for $400. The use of an auto dump means you will have to use a hose mount lint filtration system which is included on many factory installed auto pump out machines. Example the Mytee 7300, Mytee 7000DX, Clean Storm 12-5000.