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Help Priming pump on a US Products King Cobra.

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  • Help Priming pump on a US Products King Cobra.

    Question: hello last Wednesday bought them a king cobra, and followed the manual and videos of us on YouTube and other products. 1200 psi but the pump does not work could help me with that thanks att Luis

    Answer: If you can hear the pump running then it is working. The Pumptec 356U pumps are tested at the pump factory and after they confirm they are OK they are shipped to US Products and installed inside your machine. After installation they are retested again to confirm the pump is working fine. Many machines are shipped with no water in them to prevent freezing or customer are using the machine and run it out of water. You just need to suck out the air our of the lines.

    Procedures for pump diagnostics

    How to prime a pump

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